Friday Fitness – When In Doubt, Sweat It Out

I’m just struggling a little today, so much going on… in full disclosure I almost bailed on my workout at least a dozen times, but truthfully that wouldn’t help (would actually probably make my mindset WORSE), so every time my dog (she hasn’t been feeling well) made a cameo I’d pause and snuggle her and then get back to it when she meandered away.

It pains me that she’s not feeling well and I don’t do the whole “helpless” thing well… but it felt good to sweat, to stay on track, to get my second to last workout of this program DONE.

When in doubt, sweat it out!

Friday Fitness – Beachbody On Demand

Even though I am between official programs (because I timed my last one to finish just before my vacation — planning ahead is my JAM), I am still working out this week, here in our vacation home.

I am making it work with the space and my Beachbody On Demand All Access – I have every single Beahbody workout ever made, and all I need is my laptop (or my tablet, or even my phone).

I can do gentle stretching or I can pump some weights. I can be a cardio queen or a dancing machine.

Full discosure here: this is 100% my own opinion – Beachbody on Demand is one of the most valuable innovations I have seen in a long time, truly making your health and fitness goals possible – eliminating all obstacles and excuses. I love them for that. I love Beachbody for doing that, for creating that. I love them for finding a way I can continue on my goals despite being on vacation.

That’s so awesome – you can take it anywhere. You can do any workout anywhere. That’s amazing.

If you haven’t tried Beachbody On Demand All Access, what are you waiting for? Let’s get all these awesome workouts at YOUR fingertips, and lets get YOU closer to YOUR goals!

Get it ALL here or hey, just wanna try it out? Click here and scroll down to the bottom right option – you will see it says 30 days free!