Wellness Wednesday – Will Run for Sunrises!

Will run for sunrises!🔅

I LOVE sunrises because I’m a VERY visually oriented person, and sunrises are a gorgeous, very colorful reminder that every day is a new day; a welcome reminder that it doesn’t MATTER what did or didn’t happen last week, and it doesn’t MATTER what will or will not happen next week, that TODAY is a new day to tailor to your needs and to fill up with what makes you happy, what brings you joy, what lights you up.

Don’t worry about the past and don’t fret about the future, just focus on today and appreciate it for what it is – a fresh new slate with which to slay the day!

3 miles in the books today and an absolutely GORGEOUS start to the day humidity, bad air quality and all! The beauty was worth it!

Happy MonSlay!

Happy MonSlay!

Nope, I didn’t always love Monday’s, and I sure as shit didn’t always wake up ready to slay, to set the badass tone for the week…

But something happens when you CHANGE your mindset from “waaaaah, the weekend is over?!” (sidenote: I DO still sometimes feel that way simply because I LOVE having more time to spend with friends, family and my pup!) to “Okay, it’s a new week, it doesn’t matter what did or didn’t happen last week, let’s focus on THIS week and making it count!” – when you make that shift, Monday becomes this platform, this canvas for all sorts of badassery!

So get to it! Who’s slayin’ today?

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, dear readers!

It’s been quite a year for me – full of ups and downs, highs and lows, pain and growth… I won’t bore you with the details (or the list!), but while there have been some pains, there have been some gains, and I am excited to focus on a bright, shiny new year, and curious to see what the year has in store for me.

I love a new year because, while I don’t make resolutions, I do set goals and work on myself throughout the year, and a new year just provides a fresh new slate, and I love the fuzzy feeling of a clean beginning!

Do you set goals? Have any fun New Years eve plans? Are you excited for a new year, too?

Thanks for being along on my journey –  I am excited to connect with you even more in the new year!

Wednesday Wisdom – Sunrise and Sunset

No matter what the past holds.

No matter what the future holds.

Today is what matters. Every night, a sunset closes out the day’s events. And every morning, a sunrise offers you a new day.

Don’t mar today’s beauty with yesterday’s struggles.

I am super guilty of doing this. For instance, when I get hurt, I get REALLY hurt, and I tend to bring that hurt forward with me, effectively mucking up a beautiful new day. Bad habit. Working on fixing!

Motivation Monday – Never Miss A Monday!

Ahhh Monday, a fresh start to a new week!

heart monday

I have done a total 180° on Mondays. I used to hate them, they depressed me and it seemed like everything always went wrong on Mondays. Poor Monday, getting such a bad rap.

I stopped seeing Monday as the catalyst for all that could, or would, go wrong, and I started seeing it as a fresh start to a new week, a day to set the tone for the rest of the week.

In the fitness world, or at least in my little Beachbody bubble, there is a well-known catchphrase used among those of us who are fully committed to achieving our goals – never miss a Monday!

Monday is what you make of it, so I always choose to make the best of it, because why not?!


Wednesday Wonders – New Years Goals

I always enter the new year determined to make it even better than the last. More and more so lately, I have realized that I should do some things that I don’t, and I shouldn’t do some things that I do.

Finding the balance is challenging, but doable. For 2016, these are some of my goals!

Big things are going to happen this year!

This year I will

Do you have any goals you will accomplish this year? Care to share them?