Sunday Struggles – Don’t Take Things Personally

Our STRUGGLES are part of our STORY.

I still struggle not to feel isolated. I still struggle to feel like I am part of things; to not feel lonely even when surrounded by people.

I think this is part and parcel with someone who lost her hearing at a crucial time in life. And I can’t speak for other hard of hearing people, but I would bet money that I’m not the only one who feels this way on occasion.

So when things like someone in our party saying goodbye to everyone but me threaten to set me back… I have to remind myself people are human and commit oversights; that the persons intent likely wasn’t to make me feel isolated or less than. Shit happens.

Most people don’t set out to make others feel that way, and I know this! My mental battle isn’t always confident in that, but I continue to work on that. I continue to remember that I matter and I’m not invisible, no matter how it seems/feels at times.

Your mind is your biggest obstacle to overcome. Trust me on that.



Transformation Tuesday – Mindset!


Last year during the Super Bowl, things were a little rough if you were a New England fan (which I am)… you probably remember, as it’s still being talked about 😉

I was in an establishment full of people who started to lose a little faith, down by 25 points in the 4th. I don’t blame them; it was ugly. But I was one of the ones that stayed calm, and believed.

Now, I don’t say that to puff myself up or put anyone else down, but rather to show a TRANSFORMATION within {MYSELF}.

See, years prior, sports and trailing scores always put me in a negative mindset. I know, you would think as a diehard New England/Boston sports fan, I would know it isn’t over til its O V E R, as we have seen proven TIME and TIME again. But for much of my life it was hard to keep the faith in that sometimes. Most times…

Last year during the Super Bowl is one of the first experiences where I stayed completely positive, and I think we all remember what happened… we went from a quiet, sullen crowd to a LOUD and RAMBUNCTIOUS one, because we DID come from from down 25 points to WIN the Super Bowl, in truly dramatic fashion, again giving credence to ‘it is NOT over until it is OVER’, 00:00 remaining.

And I get it – it isn’t always {easy} to stay positive, but I’ll tell you this – it sure creates a {{better experience}} than writing them off, being down, and acting defeated before the clock hits 00:00. It wasn’t easy, but I told myself comebacks have been done before; this isn’t over yet. Belichick is a master, oh and I mean, you know who my quarterback is, right?! 15:00 minutes for Brady is like 3 hours for anyone else! Let’s just call a spade a spade – that is THE GUY you want when your down!

Obviously, my staying positive doesn’t affect what happens on the field but again, I created a •M U C H• better experience for myself by BELIEVING.

And I did it again this past Sunday – it wasn’t looking good, and people were starting to get nervous, but not me. I knew things could happen. I knew it wasn’t over. I KNEW we had plenty of time and I KNEW we could do it.


And we did, which got us to the Super Bowl! Do I hope this Super Bowl is a little less dramatic? … maybe!

But I also look back and appreciate how far I have come, how much work I have done on my mindset and eradicating my negative thinking… it was a HUGE feat, and I have worked really hard on it, and it’s nice to have such a fond memory of a time when it would have been E A S Y to slip back into my negative, defeatist ways, but nope, I stayed positive!

Sometimes, the biggest transformations take place •WITHIN•.

Superbowl Snacks – Diabetic-Friendly!

Any Super Bowl fans here? My team is out (wah wah waaaaah), but I still love the game – if only because appetizers and finger foods happen to be my favorite, and a Super Bowl party always has plenty of these! But I work hard to eat cleaner, and workout regularly, plus I have my Diabetes to keep in mind, so I try to make some more sensible options so as not to completely undo all of these efforts!

Here are some of my favorites – courtesy of Diabetic Gourmet Magazine!

Chile Con Queso

Beef and Bleu Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

Creamy Spinach Dip

Spicy Artichoke Dip


Swedish Meat Balls

Do you have any favorites for game day? Is your team in the game? Who would you rather see win – Carolina, or Denver?

Healthier Super Bowl Snacks

For me, appetizer-type food is a real weakness. And I mean a REAL weakness. It goes beyond the flavors and tastes, I think a lot of it has to do with the ability to eat it without utensils, plates, etcetera. But it doesn’t matter, the point is I love appetizers!


Super Bowl Sunday is one of my absolute favorite events – regardless of whether my team is in it or not – for this very reason! This day is ripe for all kinds of foods, and appetizers are certainly no exception. The problem is, not many of the offerings are healthy and it’s really easy to lose control and undo your health efforts, which usually leads to bad feelings and self loathing.

I of course intend to indulge a bit (and double up on my workouts), but I also like to offer some healthier eats too. Team Beachbody has provided these and has provided these.

Tell me what’s your favorite Super Bowl snack?

ps… Go Patriots! 🙂