Food Tip Friday – Baking With Heavier Flours

Flours such as almond and coconut are healthier, and better for you, but they can also tend to be heavier, which can affect the textures you are aiming for.

This tip, offered up by Jenny McGruther, of Nourished Kitchen (I love her website!), helps make notoriously heavy flours light and cakelike!



Tip Tuesday – Sautéing Veggies

Ahhh, sauteed veggies – amongst my favorite things in the world! (not kidding, I love love LOVE veggies!)

Recently learned this tip from Sarah Britton, of My New Roots, and I liked it, because it’s healthier, and adds more flavor, and is still simple!

How do you sauté YOUR veggies?


Food Tip Friday – Seasonal Foods

Good morning!

If it seems like this blog has been Autumn-heavy lately, I apologize… there is just so much valuable information about this wonderful, abundant season!

Today’s tip will help you maximize your produce! Fall is a great time to give your local Farmer’s market some business – and you get fresher produce that hasn’t seen countless middlemen!

Do you have a favorite Farmer’s market?