Sunday Well Spent – Food Prep!

Up and at it early today… getting prep out of the way to hopefully be able to enjoy some of this gorgeous weather!

I ate a piece of watermelon and the baby kicked. Ate another and baby kicked again… I’m taking that as a sign baby likes watermelon and wants more! 🍉

Who else is setting up for a successful week today?


Sunday Well Spent – Food Prep

It doesn’t matter if it’s a “holiday weekend” – we still have to setup for success, because we still have to fuel ourselves and make good choices.

My nutrition is ESPECIALLY important during this time as I grow this little baby – he or she needs nutrients and nourishment too!

I also made banana bread, and washed and cut strawberries and pineapple – yummy stuff thats ready to grab!

So take a little time today (or tomorrow!), and set yourself up for successful choices.

Because… shhh, come closer… you ARE worth good choices, and you ARE NOT too busy to take time for yourself 💕


Sunday Well Spent – Food Prep

Food prep used to totally overwhelm me until I figured out it didn’t have to be the whole kit-n-caboodle… it does NOT have to be ALL your meals for EVERY day of the week, but rather, a few key components to help you have nutritious, nourishing foods ready to go.

And these key components are different for everyone! Today, I don’t have time to bake, but I’m gonna get my eggs boiled, my fruits and veggies washed and cut, and my quinoa salad ready to go!

It’s worth carving out a little time for your health and wellness 💕


Sunday Well Spent – Food Prep

Food prep only has to be this huge production if you want it to be.

If you are like me and don’t like huge productions, or eating food that was prepared too many days ago, tackling just a few things will still set you up for success!

Since my husband usually handles dinner, which becomes lunches, I really only need to focus on the food I start my day with (because when I start it with the right foods, the rest of the day flows… when I don’t, my sugars are all over the place and as a result, my mood is too 😉)

This morning I focused on my fruits, steel cut oats with pomegranates or blueberries, and hard boiled eggs. When you pair that with bananas and other stuff that’s already good to go, you are golden.

And don’t tell me you don’t have an hour – you do 😉

Sunday Well Spent – Buy Good Food, Eat Good Food

meal pic

If you BUY good food…
And you PREPARE good food…
You will EAT good food.

Not ALWAYS. But it will become the RULE, not the EXCEPTION. And that’s what you are going for.

If you bring in junk, that’s what you’ll eat.

Stock your home with good food, because that’s your fuel!

Here I have 5 breakfasts, because starting my day on track helps me keep the rest of the day on track! 2 servings of Farina with green apple, walnuts and cinnamon, and 3 servings of Bob’s Steel Cut Oats with Cinnamon, which I will top with blueberries!

It didn’t take long, and it was worth it!




Tip Tuesday – Easy Peeling Hard Boiled Eggs!

Anyone else relate?

I LOVE hard boiled eggs but always shy away from making them because NONE of the methods I have tried to make them easier to peel worked… I don’t mind doing some work but getting 15,000 egg shell pieces off (and you ALWAYS miss one, and feel the crunch while enjoying your egg!) is NOT my idea of a good time! So frustrating and you lose half the egg just trying to get it peeled!

I had heard that boiling older eggs, using vinegar, salt, and ice baths were methods worked, and I never had that experience, but surely SOMETHING has to work, right?

So last week I tried something that I have tried a MILLION times – but THIS time, I let it go longer… and then on this past Sunday, I made hardboiled eggs again to test this trick out, and… SUCCESS!!

So I cooked them as I normally do (medium heat to a boil, cover and remove from heat for 10 minutes or so) and then I plunged them into a bowl full of ice and cold water. I have done this before, but never actually given them much time to soak – like a minute or two, and it never worked.

THIS time I let those babies soak for at least 8 minutes, and they peeled beautifully! The membrane was separated which is what makes peeling clean happen, so it seems the trick is to let them soak in the cold water long enough for that!

Do you know of any other foolproof methods?

Cooked perfectly, peeled easily!
MUCH better than 160,000 fragments!
No huge chunks of egg missing, or tons of tiny shells waiting to ruin your mouthful!

Meal Prep Monday – Glass Storage Containers

What do you use to store your prepared food? I use predominantly glass containers, and not only is that better for you (and the environment), but they are easier to clean since foods won’t molt or melt on! Win!

Coming from from a vacation is always a mad dash to get things in order, and keep on track without veering too far off course, and prepping and getting back in the game is critical, or else that “vacation mindset” might overstay it’s welcome!