Adventures in Pregnancy – Holy baby brain!

My child better come out a creative genius, because as creative as I was before, it’s been nonexistent this whole pregnancy! Haven’t even managed to finish the nursery yet, much less with any creative flair, haha.

Sheesh, baby!

Did you feel like your brain capacity took a hit when you were pregnant? I usually pride myself on being sharp, focused and organized, but this entire pregnancy has been a real eye opener!

Monday Musings – Stop exercising if…

Thats right. I am actually telling you to STOP exercising… but it comes with conditions!

Let me explain… for some people, a gym, or an at-home DVD program is not the way to go. Some people prefer mountain biking, hiking, swimming, kayaking…there are millions of ways to move your body.

It’s okay if a gym or a DVD is not for you – if you are doing them out of force or obligation, STOP! Life is too short to do something you don’t like, out of obligation or for any other unpure reason.

Now, I am not saying this is an excuse to become a couch potato with no physical activity – not at all!

I AM saying, find what works for you. Find what you enjoy doing, and do more of that. You will find that when you enjoy doing something, even if it’s super physically challenging, it doesn’t FEEL as challenging to do, because you enjoy it!

Stop exercising if

Go find something you like to do. Do it often!