Fuck Yeah Friday – Setting Up For A Comeback!

Some people expressed surprise that I was at Summit this year because I guess I’ve been kinda quiet on the ‘helping others’ homefront…

It’s a lot of moving parts but it’s mostly that it’s clear I need to focus a little more on my own wellness right now – I tend to pour my heart into OTHERS and put myself on the back burner and it became clear that wasn’t working for me.

And in all honesty, I felt like a hypocrite talking about anything wellness when despite all my efforts, my own health felt like it was in the tank.

But here’s what I know. Giving up won’t help. Making excuses won’t help. Blaming other things or other people won’t help.

What DOES help? Accountability. Support. To know I have a tribe of people who have my back, who can remind me I’m bigger than this; remind me just how damn far I have come. To encourage me to keep going.

My success group provides all of this for me and I’m so grateful for it!

And so consider this a “rebirth” of sorts – I’m still focusing on my own journey, but I want to do it with YOU, together. I want to help YOU. Whatever you are battling, we are stronger TOGETHER!

I’m ready – are you?

Wellness Wednesday!

Healthy fat + superfoods = superhero shake!

Yes, I added an avocado to my strawberry shake! It’s delicious and adds a wonderful creamy texture, but not thick!

Avocados are high in tyrosine — an amino acid that’s a precursor to dopamine — the brain chemical that keeps you motivated and focused – perfect brain food for the morning!

Self Love Saturday – Walk It

Have you ever found yourself trying to justify the path you took/are taking in life?

I think most of us have, at some point. I mean there is always that one person…

But honestly, and I say this with the best of intentions – WHO CARES about that one person’s opinion?

Don’t ARGUE your path with others, just WALK IT. Your path is just that, YOURS. It’s not for anyone else to understand or approve of – its for YOU to ENJOY creating your DREAM life with!

Success Tip Saturday – More Doing, Less Planning

Where are all my fellow planners at!? There is nothing wrong with planning… but you also have to be executing, and doing the work. You can plan and plan and plan til the cows come home, but without actually setting those plans into motion, you are gonna hit the wall, the dead end quickly.

In fact, my Beachbody business has taught me to adapt a bit more – I am still a planner by my very nature, but I am getting better at going with the flow, and executing, and leaning as I go instead of waiting for a plan to be perfect before I begin to execute.

Make sure you are focusing more on putting in the work – executing – and less on planning!

Motivation Monday – Arrows

Happy Monday! This concept has been a little too close for comfort lately but, to its credit, it’s helping me stay encouraged!

So for my part, to the best of my ability (I will confess to having some bouts of monentary doubt, but I mean, I AM human), I am trusting the process, focusing on the next adventure, staying positive, and PREPARING to LAUNCH.

Motivation Monday – Study Successful People

In my business, I am surrounded by people who have achieved various levels of success within Beachbody, and it’s radical. The stories they tell of overcoming so many hardships to achieve this success bolsters my belief that despite my OWN hardships (plentiful!), especially lately, I can still achieve the success I want to.

It’s hard to believe that sometimes, honestly. A hit or two won’t usually derail me, but in full disclosure, when they keep coming as rapidly as they have lately, even I start to doubt myself. But that’s part of the problem!

I need to stop focusing on what’s gone wrong lately and get back to appreciating what’s gone right, and keep focusing on my journey. I let myself get distracted by other stuff, and other people, and for an empath who absorbs all of the feelings, that’s bad, and it took a toll on my esteem, confidence, morale… everything!

Study successful people

So for right now (and maybe permanently, hopefully) I am focusing less on those who don’t add much, or anything to my life, and going back to eagerly studying those who are making it work, until I get it into my head that I, too, can make this work, despite any obstacles.

If you are also feeling like you are forgetting the bigger picture, dial it back in, and get back to focusing on those goals you want to crush and dreams you want to achieve. It’s never too late to course correct!

Motivation Monday – 10 to Zen

Okay, I confess…. things have been nuts lately and my mindframe is not as focused as I would like it to be. Truthfully, while pre-engagement and during wedding planning I usually felt sharp as a tack, apparently due to the craziness of the time leading up to the wedding, my brain has entered “screw you, stop making me think!” mode, and I have never yet fully recovered from the wedding.

I know, lame… but I am doing what I can to recuperate and get my brain back to being sharp. It drives me crazy but it is what it is… baby steps I guess!

10 to Zen

Some solid advice here… obviously my favorite is the last one, because I firmly believe belly laughs are the best medicine, and no one should go a day without finding themselves in a belly laugh at least once.

I know that letting go is easier said than done, but the payoff is quite worth it, I would say. I still struggle with letting things go, but because I realize I am only hurting myself and my happiness, I am making a concentrated effort to be better at this. Holding things in is never the answer. Deal with them the way you must, but move forward, leaving any negative feelings behind.

Give it a try and let me know how you make out! 🙂

Wednesday Wisdom – By the mile…

I LOVE this concept. I repeat this to myself probably almost daily, if not multiple times daily. It is very easy to get overwhelmed in life, especially these days, but panicking and stressing out doesn’t help you accomplish more. It simply takes what energy you do have, and wastes it.

Take it inch by inch if you have to, as long as you are making measurable progress. Feet on the ground, head up, mind focused… inch by inch, yard by yard…

You’ve got this.