Dog Mom Life – My Space is Her Space!

Yes sweet girl, this was placed here just for you so you can be comfortable whilst chewing your bone, I wasn’t working out on that or anything 😉

She cracks me up, looks up at me like “what, is this not mines?!” … love her so much!


WTF Friday – 5 Months and about to Pop?!

File THIS under: things absolutely not necessary to say to a pregnant woman…

I don’t often take umbrage with peoples words because I like to believe they have good intentions – I have misspoke before with good intentions, too…

But I didn’t feel this was necessary and I won’t lie, as someone who has struggled (AND been transparent and vocal about said struggles) with the changes her body has gone through, I definitely did not need to hear this today.

No pregnant woman wants to hear this, probably not at any time during pregnancy, but certainly not when they are barely halfway.

(No, he never responded to my last message…)

If you are gonna say shit like this, be man enough to face the wrath, am I right? But better yet, if YOU haven’t been pregnant and experienced the MILLIONS of changes your body goes through, maybe pipe down and keep quiet? 🙂

For the record, due to my age, and my Diabetes, I see my OB GYN twice a month, and we discuss my fitness habits each time, and each time she clears me and/or tells me specific things she does not want me doing, and I ALWAYS abide by that. Fitness is my stress relief, but it is NOT something I would use to put my child at risk, and my doctor is very attuned to my habits and we discuss this often, as anyone who is pregnant and active should!

Move It Monday – Finished Transform: 20!

Guess who just finished Transform: 20?! We did!

First time we’ve finished a program together in the same place, not separated by a screen or thousands of miles – I like it!

It’s also the first program I’ve started and finished pregnant, which definitely added some challenge and took away some energy, but again, my goal was to move, not to crush any records!

Another completed program in the books! 🙌🏼

Flex Friday – Better Together

•It’s all up to you•

Yes, you could choose to see that as SCARY, as terrifying, as intimidating…

Or you can see it as EMPOWERING, as inspiration, you can see it as liberating and you can CHOOSE to show up.

You have everything you need to do it WITHIN you.
And I have everything you need to SUCCEED – support, accountability, tips, recipes, prize opportunities, access to meal plans and workouts, and a fun, uplifting group of badass ladies with good vibes and an excellent sense of humor!

So if you are tired of seeing it as SCARY and you are ready to feel EMPOWERED, what are you waiting for?! Let’s rock it together!

We can DO hard things 💕

Flashback Friday – WHY


The other night during a meeting, we were encouraged to revisit our WHY, and I’ll confess, it had been a while since I paid any attention to WHY I workout, WHY I eat sensibly, WHY I manage my stress and emotions, WHY I share all of that with you all…

I’d love to act like I just GREW UP and realized it’s time to take care of myself… but truthfully, there was something MAJOR propelling me into action.

The dreaded D word – Diabetes. (And yes, I DO still carry my original A1c around with me to remind myself how far I have come!)

Many people know that when I made an appointment with my primary care physician to get my blood sugars checked out after fairly alarming results at a work-sponsored health fair, I simply expected a stern “get your carb and candy habit under control”… I DID NOT expect to leave the office with a Diabetic diagnosis!

And so after that seemingly crippling information processed through my brain and my emotions, I sprang into action, because I’m a LOT of things, but PASSIVE isn’t one of them!

I plugged into LEARNING more about food and nutrition, I started doing workouts I ENJOYED – ones that left me feeling ENERGIZED, not annoyed, I plugged into a COMMUNITY of others just trying to be their best selves, and I made small but super MEANINGFUL changes to how I handle things mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

My ongoing challenge group and the community have played a HUGE role in keeping me accountable to healthy habits and I am so GRATEFUL for such a safe, uplifting, empowering place!

If YOU need that kind of love, motivation and support, we got you and would LOVE to have you; you are NEVER alone in anything you are dealing with, and we are ALWAYS better together!

You know where to find me 💕

Tip Tuesday – Fitness Journey

Just starting out?

Then my number one fitness tip is for YOU!

You don’t have to push play and go full speed right away! If you haven’t been active in a while, your focus should just be on doing what you can and building a fitness foundation. If you feel you can go balls to the wall, great, but often people try to do too much, too soon and it makes them feel defeated, which DEFINITELY does not motivate you to keep going!

It’s perfectly fine to start with a few minutes of exercise and work your way up to a full workout. Five or ten minutes of exercise a day is better than zero minutes! Try to add one minute each day until you can do a full workout.

Just show up – you are worth it and you CAN DO hard things! 💕