Workout Wednesday – Plank Raise Tap Crunch

Shoulders? Yeah, they were on fire. But this powerful 1-2 combo? SUPER effective!

This move is from Hammer’s “Hammer Conditioning”. Have you ever done Hammer Conditioning? It’s a tough workout, but you definitely feel like a badass after, and I LOVE chasing that feeling!

Move It Monday – Mental Health

So we have heard this for years – exericise has tons of benefits (which yes, it does!). But I think many people see that as just a physical benefit, such as weight loss or muscle gain. Some people may not realize that it is a GREAT way to boost your brain power, your mental capacity, etc.

We know it helps manage stress levels. We know the rush we feel after exercising (for me, I feel like I can conquer the world post-workout!)

Since summer is around the corner and in most parts of the country, this is the prime time to really focus on your workouts, I am sharing some information culled from Huffington Post.

13 Mental Health Benefits Of Exercise – can you think of any others? I know there are quite a bit!

Enjoy your Monday!