Workout Wednesday – Plank Raise Tap Crunch

Shoulders? Yeah, they were on fire. But this powerful 1-2 combo? SUPER effective!

This move is from Hammer’s “Hammer Conditioning”. Have you ever done Hammer Conditioning? It’s a tough workout, but you definitely feel like a badass after, and I LOVE chasing that feeling!

Flex Friday

Yeaaaah, its Friday! FLEX Friday to be precise! My last Flex Friday before finishing Hammer & Chisel and taking my measurements and after pics!

Flex April 2016

Do you think I’ll have made any gains?!

I definitely do, and even if not, I FEEL stronger, and I have learned to embrace that this journey is more about how you FEEL and less about how you LOOK, so either way, I am super happy!

Who’s flexing today? Happy Friday!