Flex Friday – January 2019

Yep, I’m looking at my muscles and smiling proudly!

Some might find that conceited, but I’ve come to learn those simply aren’t my people. My people are the ones who understand and applaud why I’m so proud… I work HARD for my muscles. I work HARD to be strong, to be better than I was yesterday; to be the BEST ME I CAN BE.

I work hard to turn my OBSTACLES into my OPPORTUNITIES.

I WORK for them. So, I LOVE them. They are tangible reminders of how VERY FAR I have come.

Say peace out to anyone who judges you for being proud of your hard work! 💪🏼

GratiTuesday – Motivation

💕 GratiTuesday! 💕

Today’s Gratitude is for all of YOU!

I get so many messages on my stories, and uplifting comments on my posts, and those words really do mean so much!

There is a bit of a misconception that I am always motivated, and while I’m a self starter who truly loves crushing a good workout and the feelings associated with it, I’m also human and I do find myself in moments where outside motivation makes the difference!

Thank you 💕

Truthbomb Tuesday – You Can’t Do This Alone

I had no choice, so I went all in after I was diagnosed with Diabetes.
I was stressed out. Terrified. Clueless as to where to begin. Lost… I had confidence in my ability to rise above, like I have with everything else, but I had no idea how any of this had happened.
So I just started EMBRACING…
I embraced cleaner eating.
I embraced moving my body – in whatever way – more days than not.
I embraced educating myself about foods (which really only made me want to learn more, and I am actively planning to go back to school for it!)
I embraced trying new things that could help – one of those being Shakeology (she of the former mindset “I don’t DO shakes”, haha).
I embraced the intense need to work on my mindset, which would in turn help everything (and I DO MEAN EVERYTHING) else.
I embraced the change.
And, probably one of the most important parts of this… I joined a community of ladies doing the same thing – we were, and are, down in the trenches together daily. And that’s been a game changer. Because of these groups… these ladies… these beacons of support…
I push through each day. Growing. Getting stronger. Going after what I want. Doing what I need to do to be the best possible version of ME.
I could have fallen victim to my circumstances, but I chose to rise above them. I am just a regular girl playing the hell out of the cards she was dealt – just like you, all I can do is show up and do my best.
But I will tell you one thing – you CANNOT do this alone. You NEED a tribe, a support network, a place to hold you accountable to the promises you made to yourself.
There IS strength in numbers.

Make It Happen Monday – Accountability is the game changer

How times change…
I used to go to the gym, wander aimlessly, hit up a few machines (with absolutely zero regard for safety or proper form, CRINGE!), and then meander my way out for half priced apps with coworkers, effectively UNDOING all of my hard work, because I had nothing and no one to hold me ACCOUNTABLE; my dirty secret was known only by those joining me for those apps, and they were doing the same thing, so why would they hold me accountable?! We enabled each other!
Enter Beachbody. Enter Challenge groups, Accountability Groups, my teammates, the people down in the trenches with me in the DAILY BATTLE to get healthy and stay as healthy as I can…
And do you know what? That accountability has truly, TRULY made all the difference. Do I still indulge? Fuck yeah, I like health but life is also short, you gotta have balance, you know?! Do I sometimes not feel like working out? Yep, believe it or not, those days ABSOLUTELY happen — and thats when I click on the group, see everyone else posting their accountability, and remember how good it feels to WORK on yourself, and 99% of the time, I power through the workout and feel better for it afterwards.
Am I perfect? HARDLY. Am I progressing? ABSOLUTELY. The power of a like-minded community is incredible; without these groups I would never have gotten into the habit of working out consistently (AND focusing on form!) 5-6 times a week. I wouldn’t make treats the exception, not the rule. I WOULD let my excuses, my cozy bed, and my lack of energy stop me from working on being the best ME I can BE.
∗ OPEN INVITE ∗ With all sincerity here – if YOU need support, if YOU need accountability and a safe place to share the highs and lows, seek motivation and inspiration, and share in a powerful community who truly believe in you, and want to see you succeed – let’s chat, because we would love to have you! There is strength in numbers, and the bond of an accountability group is POWERFUL!

Thursday Thoughts – Entrepreneurs

Everybody has something that brings them joy, that fuels them. Something they feel passionately about, and so doing anything related to it doesn’t at all feel like work.

Entrepreneurs are simply people who have discovered what their passion is and have said “I need to keep doing this. I need to pursue this. It doesn’t matter if I make a red cent doing so, this is what makes my heart tick, my soul shine, my spirit smile”.
These are some of the people I change lives with, and I couldn’t love or appreciate them more!