Mindset Monday – Rejection

Ahhh… many people’s biggest fear. R E J E C T I O N.

In this biz, it is part and parcel… it doesn’t make it much easier knowing that, but, since it does happen to all of us at some point, let’s just see it as redirection, shall we?

It’s all about your MINDSET!

Motivation Monday – Courage in Pushing Through

And you are, right? We all have obstacles. We all have to make tough decisions, tap into our inner strength and determination, and fail our way through challenges, setbacks, obstacles and fears.

But every step you take in the forward direction puts you one step closer.

Every challenge you rise to, every obstacle you scale, every bout of fear you claw through… you are closer.

And so all you need to do is keep doing JUST THAT. Keep going, one step at a time, and you will get there.

Have the courage to KEEP GOING.



Thursday Thoughts – What would you do…

What would YOU do if you knew you wouldn’t fail? I mean, don’t get me wrong – failure is not bad. You just gotta fail forward, thats all.

It’s the fear of failure that keeps many people from trying what they most want to achieve.

But what would you do if that something was a sure thing, there was no risk, it was guaranteed?

As an entrepreneur, I had to accept that failure was part of the game. Tough to swallow, but the uptick is that if you are willing to fail forward, you are that much closer, and failing really does give you perspective on just how badly you want something.

Don’t let failure stop you from trying, trying again, and trying again til you get it. That’s the only REAL failure, is not even taking the swing.



Motivation Monday – Follow Through on your Goals

A lot of people get excited at first, all gung ho, ready to slay any obstacles that may come in their paths… and then it tapers until it’s just like “eh…”

I get it – I have declared tons of goals and then watched them taper off. Luckily for me, the most important ones are the ones I follow through with.

Following through with goals can be challenging because it takes work, dedication, thick skin, getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, and belief.

Follow Through on your Goals

These are some ways to help you follow through on those goals. It’s not going to be easy but if you have been reading my blog, you know by now that I fully believe anything you truly want is worth working hard for. No shortcuts here.