Mindset Monday – Fail Forward!

I have had every opportunity to fail.

You can CHOOSE to be a victim, CHOOSE to be sad, CHOOSE to be a failure… or you can CHOOSE to change.

It IS a choice.

You have the POWER to CREATE your future.

To rise above.
To move on.
To grow.

To F A I L forward.

Let your failures FUEL you.

Because you know what I have learned? You can’t shine without a little darkness

Mindset Monday – Change Your Life

Sick of where you are in life? Want more, want better, want change? First, you have to change YOURSELF , and to do THAT, you need to change your MINDSET.

Hands down, your mindset is your biggest OBSTACLE, but also your greatest ASSET, when its one of POSITIVITY, not negativity.

Having a positive, growth mindset is the secret to changing your life… successful people, people who change their lives around, they are OPEN to new approaches and are WILLING to experiment with new solutions. They don’t box themselves in, they stay open to the possibility that if they want something bad enough, there IS a way, they just have to FAIL FORWARD until they discover it.

If you can get your mindset right, it will greatly help everything else – I speak from a lot of experience here!

Thursday Thoughts – You Can’t Shine On Autopilot!

So many of us fear FAILURE, when really, what we should fear is being in the SAME place NEXT year!

Ever felt like you were on auto pilot? Like you don’t remember how you got from one place to another? Are you wandering aimlessly in your life? Are you leaving it all up to chance?
This life? This is YOUR life. You get ONE. You get one life to LIVE. To experience the abundance this world has to offer. To BE. To FEEL. To LEARN. To ENJOY. To dream and strive, achieve and believe, to LIVE. To be yourself, and who you were put on this earth to be. Fully and unapologetically. Fiercely and fabulously.
You can’t SHINE on auto pilot. You have to choose your direction – mindfully and consciously. You have to choose how you want to feel. You have to strive to feel alive, invigorated, purposeful… FULFILLED.
Want something? Put your intention out there! Claim it by name, ask for it, and GO for it.

Motivation Monday – Chances of Success

No matter what anyone says, your success is tied to your efforts. I know, I sometimes wanna call BS on this too, but nope, it’s true…

Your effort indicates how bad you want something, how many times you are willing to fail and fail again, and it also shows how willing you are to WORK for what you want, instead of having it handed to you (probably easier, yes, but definitely not nearly as meaningful, in my opinion!)

If you aren’t willing to make 100% effort, then, in all honesty, it doesn’t give the impression you really want something. Go on, go give it your all, and let me know how it works out for you!


Success Tip Saturday – Get In The Game

Point blank: you can’t win if you aren’t even in the game! It may seem a bit harsh but it’s true. If the fear of failure is what’s holding you back, the sooner you realize that failure is what leads to success, the better.

No, failing isn’t fun, but the road to success isn’t always fun. You will not achieve success without failing a few times! You are worthy of success and so you can rise above failure. Can’t you?

Let your failures fuel you — they are powerful motivators in that if you are failing, it at least means you are trying; you are in the game. And unless you are in the game, you can’t win!

cant succeed if you arent in the game


Mindset Monday – Failures Into Lessons

I have always struggled with perfectionism, especially in my crafting. I know, “flaws” make it evident a human, not a machine made it, but I can’t help it, especially if someone is paying money… I want it to be perfect!

This trait has spilled over into most facets of my life, though THANKFULLY, I have come a long way on it. I do strive for progress, and the best I can do, but I realize perfection isn’t usually attainable.

You aren’t perfect either. You are also going to make mistakes and experience failure in multiple contexts, at multiple jobs and with multiple people. But instead of focusing on how you failed, think about what you’re going to do next time – turn your FAILURE into a LESSON.

Life is truly a lot easier when you let go of the need/desire to be perfect, and embrace the lessons in FAILING FORWARD.perfection-crossed-out

Thursday Thoughts – What would you do…

What would YOU do if you knew you wouldn’t fail? I mean, don’t get me wrong – failure is not bad. You just gotta fail forward, thats all.

It’s the fear of failure that keeps many people from trying what they most want to achieve.

But what would you do if that something was a sure thing, there was no risk, it was guaranteed?

As an entrepreneur, I had to accept that failure was part of the game. Tough to swallow, but the uptick is that if you are willing to fail forward, you are that much closer, and failing really does give you perspective on just how badly you want something.

Don’t let failure stop you from trying, trying again, and trying again til you get it. That’s the only REAL failure, is not even taking the swing.