Motivation Monday – What If I Fall?

Happy Monday! I love this simple concept because with most things in life, there is risk attached somewhere. And most of us are hardwired to at least give a thought or two to such risks. The really enlightened, empowered people don’t give it much thought, instead thinking about the potential to soar, not fall on their faces.

Oh but still some others get stuck in a web of “what if I….”, and this is when it’s important to remember that we all fall. We all have missteps. We all screw up and have to start over. But those of us who really want to reach our goals and achieve our dreams… we DO. We DO screw up and have to start over, sometimes. We go for it, failing forward, because that’s the only way to go forward.

Life is full of risks. Nothing is gonna change that. You can shy away from risks and live your life in a comfortable, albeit boring, bubble. Or you can take the leap, elevating yourself to a higher existence, soaring.

What if you fly?

what if i fall, what if you fly

Tip Tuesday – Personal Development

When it feels like you will never get where you want to go…. dive into personal development.

When it feels like no one is listening, dive into personal development.
When you feel small and insignificant, dive into personal development.
When you feel down, sad, uninspired, or unmotivated, dive into personal development.
If it feels like you are simply treading water, DIVE into personal development.
I could keep going, but I think you get the point!
 personal dev
Every single Beachbody success story, and probably every single success story PERIOD… they credit personal development. Because it works. It’s a crucial part of any journey – you need to constantly be learning and evolving and developing, or you stay stagnant and get stale.
My mentors recommend 10 minutes a day minimum, but I aim for 30. I LOVE learning, I love finding new ways to deal with life’s intricacies, learning more about myself and how to shine even brighter.
Some people don’t like to read, which is why audio podcasts come in handy – these are not currently an option for me due to my hearing loss, but I love books and reading, so it all works out 🙂
Just dive in. Be open minded, and dive in. Personal development is the key to any and all obstacles! You can do anything, you just gotta believe!