Balanced Living – Balance in all things

We spent the whole weekend at the pool which means I ate all the things… all of ‘em!

Some healthy, some not as healthy… that’s balance.

But what I love about my attitude towards food is that I don’t punish or berate myself for enjoying things that might not be high on the “good for me” list, because I know I will bounce right back and actually crave/enjoy things that ARE good for me. By embracing this balance, I eliminate that awful feeling of guilt, which I’m sorry, is not a flavor I am fond of 😉

After eating all the things this weekend, my body craves fresh veggies and so, that’s what my body gets – spinach topped with veggies.


Did you find the balance between nutrient-dense foods and treats during your pregnancy?

Fit Tip Friday – 5 Keys to Fitness Success

  1. Stay in good taste. Stop worrying so much about food and start enjoying it. The first step will help you avoid the boredom factor and maintain your healthy ways for a lifetime. Try satisfying foods that provide the nutrients you need and taste great; try tangy citrus fruits, yummy sweet potatoes, spice some grilled salmon, etc. Yes, enjoy all foods in moderation, but don’t deny yourself anything. All that really does is set you up to inevitably give in, in a BIG way. Avoid that by being sensible and satisfying a craving in a controlled manner.
  2. Choose to exercise… every day. Try new activities and mix up your workouts to stay motivated. Incorporate at least 30-60 minutes of moderate activity at least 3-5 times per week. Check out a new fitness class, enjoy a bike ride, swim the distance, challenge yourself with yoga or Pilates, or just simply jog the neighborhood. Beachbody also has a great line of programs that has something for EVERYONE – if interested in more information, let me know and I can help you figure out exactly what you want! Remember to also find little simple ways to keep active – take the stairs to a meeting, park a little further from the entrance, stroll with your pup through a park…
  3. Add, don’t subtract. Deprivation is a sure path to disappointment. Balance your eating with your exercise, but don’t focus on what you can’t have, focus on what you CAN have. Get more bang for your buck by looking for nutrient-dense foods – those that offer loads of nutrients for fewer calories. Balance your meals and activities by making nutrient-dense choices like fruits and vegetables, light and low fat cheeses, and whole grains and lean meats.
  4. Fuel your activity. Before you hit the pavement, have a snack. Try an energy bar, yogurt, or PB&J. After your workout, look to refuel with some carbs and protein right away.
  5. Take a break… take time to eat! Eat with your mouth and your mind by slowing down, enjoying your food, and taking a break to eat. Taking just a few moments to be aware of the foods we eat can lead to better decisions and tastier choices. Enjoy each bite, savor each taste, and choose foods that are good for you, pleasurable, and provide the nutrients you need!