Move It Monday – Dabble Efforts Get You Dabble Results

Dabble efforts will get you dabble results!

You have to get to a habit of consistency – eating one clean meal won’t make you healthy and crushing one workout won’t make you fit.

But consistently doing these things will get you there!

And so even on a day I have a headache and didn’t really want to, I did, and I’m better for it.

Truthbomb Tuesday – Uninspired

Time for a truthbomb!

One of the biggest excuses people give is “I’m too tired”, and I get it. Life is exhausting; I feel you there!

But I don’t think it’s a matter of being TIRED… I think it is more a case of being UNINSPIRED. When you truly want something, it fuels that fire inside of you – you feel jazzed to get to work on it, you draw energy and inspiration from taking action.

Don’t work 8 hours at a job and then go home and NOT work on your OWN goals… if you truly want to achieve these things, you will take at least one step every day towards them, no matter how big or small said steps are.



Motivation Monday – Chances of Success

No matter what anyone says, your success is tied to your efforts. I know, I sometimes wanna call BS on this too, but nope, it’s true…

Your effort indicates how bad you want something, how many times you are willing to fail and fail again, and it also shows how willing you are to WORK for what you want, instead of having it handed to you (probably easier, yes, but definitely not nearly as meaningful, in my opinion!)

If you aren’t willing to make 100% effort, then, in all honesty, it doesn’t give the impression you really want something. Go on, go give it your all, and let me know how it works out for you!


Thursday Thoughts – We All Have Struggles

I think some people are under the impression that us wellness coaches/mentors never struggle, never have days where it doesn’t come easy; like we never have days where we just don’t want to work out. It’s not true; we ALL have those days. We just know the powerfully exhilarating feeling that comes after getting up and getting it done anyways. We know how it makes us feel physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. And it’s always worth it.

But absolutely, most of us have days where it is a battle within to get those workout clothes on and press PLAY! This is why we are constantly and consistently participating in the Fitness/Challenge groups… we also benefit from the motivation, shared struggles, tips, and all of that. We are just as human as you, we share the struggles!

It’s during these times — the ones you most DON’T want to — that you need to! These are character building moments, showing you either how badly you want something, or how little it doesn’t matter to you. If your health and wellness matters to you, you trudge forward, doesn’t have to be perfect, you don’t have to crush it… JUST MOVE! beautiful-struggle

Motivation Monday – The Dream Is Free….

Yay, it’s Monday! I really did go from loathing to loving Monday’s.

It’s kind of surreal how it happens… once you start to embrace Monday as a fresh slate to accomplish whatever you want, as opposed to just the start of yet another workweek, things start to shift.

dream is free hustle sold separately

When I was at Coach Summit, I saw a LOT of success stories. They had dreams, then took action – they hustled. Anyone can dream; not everyone is willing to hustle to achieve them. These people had hardships and obstacles and hurdles and failures like anyone else, but they managed to take themselves from declaring bankruptcy to 6 figure earners, while giving back and paying it forward.

They simply decided that’s not how their story would end, worked hard, and can now breath a little more comfortably. Doesn’t that seem SO worth any and all hard work?

It’s easy to pay lip service to dreams and goals, but the hard part is the work and the hustle.

Are you willing to hustle?

Motivation Monday – Controlling, not Ignoring, Diabetes

This Monday motivation is a little different from the norm. And I admit, it is not the most fun topic, but I feel it is necessary to discuss. I have an acquaintance with Diabetes, and they basically pay no attention to it; they ignore it, effectively sweeping it under the rug. And I know, Diabetes is not at all fun to deal with… but the problem with sweeping something as major as Diabetes under the rug is that not only WILL you be forced to deal with it someday soon, but it will be that much harder at that point.

Ignoring Diabetes

Being aware of possible complications and their symptoms is one of the first steps to successfully managing Diabetes. Yes, the potential complications are scary, but as I have said ad nauseum, DEALING with them now gives you a much better chance to fight that battle.

I realize that some people are greatly opposed to doctors, but having a good endocrinologist is crucial, in my opinion. Regularly checking your blood sugars, keeping active, eating sensibly, taking any prescribed medications, and paying attention to your body are all critical.

Your body is giving off signs when things are not copacetic. Whether you listen to these signs or not is up to you. Small things like excessive thirst, blurry vision, loss of feeling in your feet, dizziness and shakiness are all important signs you mustn’t ignore. I don’t mean to sound insensitive but burying your head in the sand will do absolutely nothing to help you. You may feel powerless, but you aren’t.

Small, consistent lifestyle changes can make a huge difference. I know this because I am living proof of this. I practice what I preach. I am far from perfect, but I also make significant effort to control my Diabetes. I have a toolbox. Do you? Because you should.

If you would like help, or to discuss more about what’s in my toolbox, seriously, REACH OUT. I would love nothing more than to help you see that this isn’t the end of the world, that you CAN better the quality of your life, and you CAN get your Diabetes under control.

Is it easy? Sorry, it’s not. But it IS worth it. YOU are worth it.

Bottom line is, you will eventually be forced to deal with your Diabetes. The sooner, the better.


Wednesday Wisdom – Absence

give the gift of your absence

This has been a hard lesson for me to learn lately. I am a giving person by nature. Most people reciprocate and appreciate, and the world keeps on turning. But there are some people who just can’t grasp the whole give-and-take concept. And these are the people you need to watch out for.

I recently learned the hard way that my time, energy, and efforts were absolutely not being appreciated, so I drew the line in the sand and told myself and the Universe, this is not okay; I will no longer expend energy on this person. This person, for whatever reason, cannot appreciate me and know my value, and so this is as far as our relationship goes; the surface. I know my own worth, I know my value, and I know what I bring to the table. If someone can’t appreciate that, they stay on the surface.

My time and energy are reserved for those worthy of it. So while it can be hard, the best thing you can do for yourself is to leave behind those that just can’t/won’t, for whatever reason, appreciate your presence.