Food Swap Friday – Finely Chopped Nuts for Breadcrumbs

I love the crunch of breadcrumbs but I know they aren’t the healthiest… a nice swap is to very finely chop (or run through your food processor!) your favorite kind of nuts and use those, which is not only healthier, but you add protein too!

And no, no one will really have any idea, and I won’t tell on you 🙂


Tip Tuesday – Have a Healthy Weekend

In all of my groups and team pages, the common struggle is the weekend. For many of us, the work week is so structured that it’s easy to stay on track (or at least easier!), but weekends are less structured, and if you are like me, that’s when it all unravels. I do way better when I have structure than when I am free-fallin’ so to speak…

10 Tips for a Healthy Weekend

These are, of course, all pretty basic tips, but I find that they help. All small changes add up!