Saturday Fun!

Today seems as good a day as any to bid farewell to the Jetta that’s gotten me through the last 8 years (and heard a LOT of baaaad singin’ 😉) and trade it in for a Jeep – a car I’ve wanted since I was barely a teenager!

Brace yourself Jeep, we’re gonna go on a LOT of adventures together (and you too will hear LOTS of bad singin’!)

Cool thing is I did this all by myself – I was nervous at first but then I came into my confidence, and I got very lucky that my salesman Rob was super awesome, and he actually wanted me to be happy with my purchase, and was really patient with my quadrillion questions (y’all know I love me some questions!) and took the time to write things out to be sure I was getting anything important (with a purchase that large and poorly functioning ears, I especially appreciated that he voluntarily went the extra mile for me!)

Grateful for his help, and I’m excited about my new wheels!

Beep beep!


This is years and YEARS in the making… introducing, my new baby! 😍

I have wanted a Mac since I was a teenager (I’ll let you do that math!) In college, many of my fellow design students had them, and to say I was jealous…

But let’s be real… Macbook’s are NOT cheap. I could not justify the expense, not when I had credit card debt, and student loan debt to be paying off. Being smart financially is NOT always easy…

But I worked REALLY hard to pay my credit card debts off – and this was gonna be my treat to myself, especially because this would help me with everything, my business included.

I wasn’t YET ready to make the splurge… but then a couple of weeks ago, I accidentally kneeled on my current laptop, effectively shattering the screen into a million fragments, and rather than toss money to repair it when I was planning to get a new computer anyways… I made the jump!

Fun fact: when your new MacBook Air is scheduled to be delivered between 2-6 November, but instead comes super early on 30 October, while you have no power and can’t do a damn thing with it for 30 hours? NOT SUPER FUN, a little on the taunty side… 😉

And yes, I am IMMENSELY proud of how hard I have worked to pay down my debt, and purchase my computer in cash, completely paid for – the beautiful result of HARD WORK to build my business and make SMART financial decisions!

What is something you are working towards crossing off YOUR vision board?


Financial Freedom Friday

Uh yes, this WILL be my husband and I once we achieve financial freedom. Often! 🙂

I have been transparent about my debt – personal, and student loan debt. It has crippled me for a long time – in fact, I have never had a debt free day in my adult life. I have had days where I had no credit card debt, but I had 5 figures in student loans.

Sometimes, I feel like I will never get out from under my debt. Other times, I let chasing that feeling of FREEDOM fuel me, and I find it in me to keep going, because there is literally nothing I want more than to experience a day without debt, of ANY kind.

The thing here is, it takes time to build a business, and to that effect, it also takes a little money, too. But I will be debt free someday, soon. I WILL know the feeling of knowing I am no longer paying interest on debt, or maintenance fees, or any of those other infuriating nickel and dime charges that show up monthly.

You know why, and how I know? Because it’s all up to me, and I have yet to let myself down. I falter, I get frustrated, and I fail… but I pull up my bootstraps and keep going.

Because there is a thing called FINANCIAL FREEDOM, and I intend to experience it. And so I am grateful to Beachbody for giving me the platform with which to do so.

You might have your challenges, your frustrating moments, but you gotta power through them… there IS light at the end of the debt-tunnel!

Join me!

Motivation Monday – The Dream Is Free….

Yay, it’s Monday! I really did go from loathing to loving Monday’s.

It’s kind of surreal how it happens… once you start to embrace Monday as a fresh slate to accomplish whatever you want, as opposed to just the start of yet another workweek, things start to shift.

dream is free hustle sold separately

When I was at Coach Summit, I saw a LOT of success stories. They had dreams, then took action – they hustled. Anyone can dream; not everyone is willing to hustle to achieve them. These people had hardships and obstacles and hurdles and failures like anyone else, but they managed to take themselves from declaring bankruptcy to 6 figure earners, while giving back and paying it forward.

They simply decided that’s not how their story would end, worked hard, and can now breath a little more comfortably. Doesn’t that seem SO worth any and all hard work?

It’s easy to pay lip service to dreams and goals, but the hard part is the work and the hustle.

Are you willing to hustle?