Monday Mood Boost – NEVER too late

As we grow older, we tend to discourage ourselves more and more. We think we are “too old” for certain things, or if we have kids we have “no time”, “no money” etc.
The excuses are becoming more and yes, the time we have available does become less…
Regardless, we OWE it to ourselves and to these lives that we’ve been given to never ever give up on those dreams that are bubbling inside of us. If it means something to you, the “not enough’s” won’t matter!

I don’t like to use the word NEVER, but here it is apt – it is NEVER too late.

WHY Wednesday

I am often asked why I spend so much time building relationships, reading personal development, educating and empowering myself, and sharing my journey.

Because I am worthy of achieving my own dreams!

If I am not willing to do the work required to achieve them, then I lose the right to whine about life. I choose to pour myself into bettering my own life, the lives of others, and the world.

Friday Fit Tip – Show Up

You can have all the goals in the world, but unless you show up, they stay as thoughts, not accomplishments!

I get it, sometimes we are just not in the mood… but do you know what I have found approximately 98.2% of the time? Doing it anyways HELPS your mood – knowing you pushed through when you didn’t want to and did something to better your life is powerful, and a mood booster!

Show up. Get it done. Bask in the glory after – that’s the only way to achieve your goals.

Wednesday Wisdom – Its YOUR life

Today’s wisdom is courtesy of the oh-so-fabulous Danielle LaPorte, and comes via my Desire Map Planner!


Many of us have our relationship to ambition and goal setting inside out. We’re chasing external stuff to do, have, and experience and hope that when we get there, we’ll feel awesome – and sometimes, we do. But too often, we really don’t.

Everything we do is driven by the desire to feel a certain way. Everything. You are not chasing the goal itself, you are chasing the feelings you hope attaining that goal will give you. So, knowing how you want to feel is the most potent clarity you can have. Generating those core desired feelings is the most powerful thing you can do with your life.

Be clear on your desired feelings, and then all of your goals are a means to create those feelings. It’s that simple. The foundation of a good relationship with intentions and goals is keeping in mind that the primary aim of setting and working toward them is to feel the way you most want to feel. The external things you want to have and experience are in service to your heart and soul.

Feeling good is the whole point and you get to define EXACTLY what “feeling good” means to and for you.

It’s your LIFE. It’s YOUR life.
 What does feeling good mean to YOU?

Monday Musings – Be The Girl Boss

“I could never do that!”

… I hear it too often. I am no different than any other girl who decided the status quo wasn’t working for her, so it was time to take some measures towards the greatness I am capable of.

Truthfully? I think most – not all, but most – of us have a girl boss in us, it’s just buried deep!

What would happen if you gave yourself a year, or even 6 months, to TRY and see what girl boss things you could do?

If you have dreams and belief in yourself, you have everything you need.

Let’s chat. Let’s be girl bosses, together.


Tuesday Thoughts – Snail’s Pace

I am sure you know this but, we live in a society that wants instant gratification, overnight success, to quickly and swiftly accomplish what we are setting out to do. And I am guilty of this, too.

In my Coaching business, especially, I find myself playing this comparison game a lot. I frequently compare my success as a PART TIME coach to those doing this FULL TIME. Or my success to someone who has been doing this much longer.

All that matters is I am steadily working towards my goals, dreams, and desires. It may not happen as fast as I would like, but it’s happening.

So if you find yourself playing the comparison game, or wishing for instant gratification, step back and remind yourself that you are still miles ahead of those who haven’t even started, and it doesn’t matter how slowly you move – YOU ARE MOVING, and that’s what matters.