Thursday Thoughts

What do YOU want to experience in this lifetime?

French philosopher Pierre Tielhard de Chardin is often credited with saying “We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

The truth is, none of us know how long we are here for so why not start experiencing what your heart desires… today?

Why do so many of us put off what we desire?


Thursday Thoughts – You Can’t Shine On Autopilot!

So many of us fear FAILURE, when really, what we should fear is being in the SAME place NEXT year!

Ever felt like you were on auto pilot? Like you don’t remember how you got from one place to another? Are you wandering aimlessly in your life? Are you leaving it all up to chance?
This life? This is YOUR life. You get ONE. You get one life to LIVE. To experience the abundance this world has to offer. To BE. To FEEL. To LEARN. To ENJOY. To dream and strive, achieve and believe, to LIVE. To be yourself, and who you were put on this earth to be. Fully and unapologetically. Fiercely and fabulously.
You can’t SHINE on auto pilot. You have to choose your direction – mindfully and consciously. You have to choose how you want to feel. You have to strive to feel alive, invigorated, purposeful… FULFILLED.
Want something? Put your intention out there! Claim it by name, ask for it, and GO for it.

Thursday Thoughts – Be A Dream Catcher

Oh yes, yes, yes!

You have dreams. We all do! Some of us are going after them, despite how hard it may be, despite uncertainty, despite anything. Lift those people up. Help them reach their dreams. Don’t pooh pooh their dreams or make negative comments. It may not be your thing, but its theirs! Be a dream CATCHER, not a dream KILLER.

And hey, if you are feeling daring? Go after your own!


Motivation Monday – Live your Dreams

Dream them, and then LIVE them!

Many of us have today off of work in honor of Martin Luther King Jr day, so it seems like the perfect time to really give our dreams some serious thought, and put some thoughts into ACTION!

dream. do.

A lot of my lifelong dreams have come true recently; buying my own gorgeous home, marrying the dude that at one point in time insisted he would NEVER get married, seeing my businesses and my efforts start to flourish and pay off…

But I’m not done! In fact, I am just really getting STARTED! I have big dreams, big plans, and I expect to achieve big things! I expect this because the only thing stopping me would be myself, and that’s not happening!

Disney said “If you can dream it, you can do it” – and this simple phrase could not be truer. If you can dream it, you CAN do it. If you can visualize it, this means you can manifest it. Sure, the road to achievement is never easy (and you and I both know it wouldn’t feel as good to finally achieve if the path there was easy, right?),  but if it means enough to you that you can dream it, it should mean enough to you that you can overcome any obstacles to achieve it.

Challenges are a test to see how bad you want something. We all spout off things we want, but when it comes time to make some effort, we balk – for whatever reason. If you can walk away from something and it doesn’t phase you, it doesn’t mean enough to you, and you probably don’t truly want it.

As for what you can achieve, well, the Universe agrees – there is no cap! You are your only limit. If you want it, go for it!

What are some of your dreams you are in the process of achieving?

Wednesday Wisdom – S. M. A. R. T.

There are plenty of different goals out there, and goals are very important. But goals also need to have criteria, so you don’t feel like you are going in circles, or nowhere near achieving it.

Your goals…

S – specific: this is the who, what, when, where, and how of your goal.

M – measurable: you’ve got to be able to measure your goal in some way. Otherwise how will you know if you’ve reached it?

A– attainable: if you really want to set yourself up for success, the goal should be something you can feasibly attain (i.e. winning the lottery so you can quit that job you hate is probably not a good goal).

R– realistic: something that you are willing and able to work toward. This doesn’t mean you can’t set the bar high — sometimes just fully believing something can be accomplished can make it realistic.

Ttimely: your goal(s) should have a specific time-line; a date by which you want to achieve them. This will motivate you to get started.

And once you reach THOSE goals, make new ones and go for those. Never stop striving to achieve!