Saturday Sweat – It’s OKAY to PAUSE!

It doesn’t matter how many times you hit PAUSE and catch your BREATH. What matters is you don’t STOP and catch your EXCUSES.

My capabilities are certainly more limited during pregnancy due to the nature of, you know, how hard a body works to grow a healthy human… but I’m still capable, and so I still show up.

I break more, I do fewer reps, my weights are lighter, I take two rest days instead of 1 now and I go at my own pace, but all of that is STILL better than using any excuse in the book to skip.

My baby/body/pregnancy are WHY I’m moving, not a free pass to skip every day. I’m no better than anyone, I just KNOW I’m worth the effort, limited or otherwise.

And pssst… you are too.


Thursday Thoughts – Don’t Let The Start Stop You

A new year looms and many are ready to embark on journeys to better health, wellness, career changes… the possibilities are endless.

It’s the start that stops most people.

Why is the start so hard? Because it marks the beginning of change, of something different.
And sure, that’s daunting and overwhelming… but that’s also how you get going, how you become better, and shine brighter, and grow more.
You really don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great. And once you are going, you will look back and wish you had started sooner!
What are you waiting for? What will YOU make your end-of-the-year mission to achieve? What powerful momentum will YOU bring into 2017?
Don’t let the start stop you!

Motivation Monday – It does not matter…

does not matterWe are in prime time for people to want to throw in the towel. It’s cooler out, we wear more layers so our bodies are covered and any weight gain isn’t as evident, shorter days and less sunlight makes us want to hole up…

I get it, I struggle with this myself, but I try to push past that and keep moving. I try to tell myself the above, that anything is better than nothing. Because it is. Success is the sum of small efforts.

Push forth. Do something, no matter how slowly, just don’t stop. It is a lot harder to start again once you stop, than it is to just keep going.

Persevere. You can do this.