Fit Tip Friday – There is Power in the Pause

There is POWER in the pause.

Pause. Rest. Whatever you need… for as long as you may need.

There is nothing shameful about it and it doesn’t make you any less than.

But don’t you quit.

I respect and am inspired by those who honor themselves and their needs by pausing, not quitting.

Pride and ego have no place in health and wellness, if you ask me.

You loved and honored yourself enough to SHOW UP, why wouldn’t you love and honor yourself enough to do what you need to do to FINISH what you started?

Thursday Thoughts – 3 Choices

Whaaaat? ONLY 3?
Yep, its true.
Don’t give up unless you always want to wonder how close you really were.
Don’t give in unless you want to see others succeed in doing what YOU wanted to do.
Do give it all you’ve got! Do the best you can; thats all anyone can ask of you!
I choose to give it all I’ve got — will you?

Motivation Monday – Don’t Stop Trying

Happy Monday! First Monday of a new month, so many possibilities! 🙂 Todays little motivational quip… TRUTH.

When you stop trying, yeah, the Universe is gonna pay attention, and the Universe isn’t in the business of rewarding those who stop trying; those who quit.

Some people quit anyways and wonder why nothing good ever comes for them, and the truth is, because they don’t stick it out. You don’t get to enjoy the rewards if you don’t put in the work.

You only fail when you stop trying

Now in my businesses, I have wanted to give up… oh… pfft, I think I lost track when I got into the hundreds of times. Luckily for me, I have a team (and a husband!) who would never let me give up on something that is important for me. I talk a lot of game about how “I’m over it, I’m done” but truthfully, I AM NOT a quitter. No one with much success is.

So if something doesn’t go according to plan (my life story, basically), regroup, take a different path, switch it up, and KEEP trying.

But don’t STOP trying.


Motivation Monday – How Bad Do You Want It?

In life, we discover we desire something. Typically, if it’s worth having, it only comes with work – HARD work. There may be ways to skirt this, but typically, for it to last, hard work must be put in.

How badly you want something

How hard you are willing to work for something is a fabulous Litmus test for how badly you want something. As I have said in the past, everyone desires things, but not everyone works for them. If its something you truly can’t live without, you will find a way. And if not, you will find an excuse.

When you truly yearn for something with every fiber of your body, nothing will stop you. Obstacles? Cleared. Doubts? Erased. Challenges? Accepted.

So if there is something you want, go work for it. And keep working for it. Something worth having doesn’t come on the back of instant gratification… but that makes finally achieving it even more gratifying.

Want it? WORK for it. I can speak from experience, it’s worth it!

Motivation Monday – Winners vs Losers

Inline image 5

So which are you? Are you a loser; a quitter? Or are you a winner?
It’s a funny thing about failure – its awful, but necessary! If you go and ask any success story out there, anyone at all…. they would tell you that without failure, they wouldn’t be a success!

Failure is like a litmus test for how bad you want something – if you try and fail and you can stomach that without feeling like you should at least try again… you don’t want it as badly as you think you do.

It’s when you are willing to fail over and over and over again until the day you DON’T fail… that’s your indication you really want it. It’s your proof you are/were willing to do whatever it takes. Your (eventual) success is your reward for your perseverance.

So let me ask you AGAIN… are you a loser? Or a winner?