Mind Over Matter Monday – SLAY

Sometimes I purposely pick out the shirts I wear. Reverse engineering happening and such…

There’s a lot going on in my life both personally and professionally and I definitely feel pulled in way too many directions, dodging too many stressors.

And I know for what I’m trying to achieve, stress isn’t conducive to that, so I’m trying to remind myself that all I can do is my best.

And sometimes, that doesn’t feel like slaying… but considering the pull I’ve been feeling to just curl up and block everything out, that I’m waking up, and showing up, for right now, that’s slaying.

You gotta give yourself credit for even showing up – sometimes that’s a battle in and of itself!

Sunday Runday – Will run for…

I mean, this is truuuue, but if you wanted to kidnap me or something, Sangria is a reaaaaaally sure bet 😍

2+ mile run in the books this morning – not my best pace but far from my worst, but it’s all good, can’t break landspeed records every time, am I right?! 😉