Truthbomb Tuesday – Practices Makes Awesome

Want the truth? Well, it IS Tuesday, so let’s #truthbomb, shall we?

TOO MANY of us (myself included at times – I’m human…) are way too quick to compare. To sell ourselves and our ability to improve short. To throw in the towel and chalk it up to “I just can’t do XYZ…”


Maybe you can’t YET, but every single great in the world once couldn’t do what they excelled at either, or at the very least wasn’t AS awesome at it.

They focused. They put in the work. They showed up, they kept going. They practiced til they were awesome.

Why don’t WE do that? That’s how I see every workout, every round, every rep I do – practice that’s making me better. Making me stronger. Making me awesome.

Most of us don’t wake up and absolutely crush everything we set out to do (and yes, I know there are some exceptions to that rule, but that’s the key word – they are the EXCEPTION!)

If you want to be good at something, keep going till you are – giving up sure as eff won’t make you awesome at it!


Motivation Monday – Today is a good day to kill it

Ahhh, the Monday after a long holiday weekend, the first one of the holiday season, AND the last one in November? I know, you probably wanna do nothing more than binge Netflix and relax (just me!?)


This is a great day to be productive, to set the tone for how you want your holiday season to go, to maybe check 1 or 2 boxes off your to-do list, and also set the tone for the week!

Monday is waiting for you. Go!

Motivation Monday – 2017 is your year!

How are you faring with your goals for the year so far? Are you working towards them, or procrastinating, hoping they will magically become reality?

I believe in you. I believe this is your year. I also believe its my year, because I know I am doing what I need to do to achieve the goals I set for this year.

But back to you… you can do this. Don’t get overwhelmed, don’t panic. Break your goals down into manageable chunks, and start chipping away at them. You will catch momentum, and the high of achieving things you set out to do will carry you through even the most terrifying of tasks.

You deserve to achieve what you dream of, what fuels you, what ignites the light inside of you. You can do it, you just have to put your head down and get to it. So go forth, and crush those goals. Your dreams are waiting!



Motivation Monday – Idols become Rivals

Fun fact: at any given time, there is someone who is stronger than us. Faster than us. Better than us.

But it’s not a competition – I mean certainly, take the people you admire and look up to, and use them as a benchmark, if you will. They may be a bit more advanced than you, but truly nothing is stopping you from achieving that too. Use them and their accomplishments as inspiration to achieve your own goals. They did it, so you can too.
Work until your idols become your rivalsJust keep working! Work until you are on their level. Compete with only yourself, but there is nothing wrong with finding motivation from others.

You will get there. Just keep going! That’s what THEY did – they kept going, through any obstacles, any trials, any tribulations… they just kept going. And thats how they got to where they are!

What’s stopping you from doing the same?