Motivation Monday – Find It Within

I am often asked how I stay MOTIVATED.

The truth? I don’t. I also have to constantly look within to find the motivation. I WISH it was always omnipresent, ready to lift me up when I may be feeling weighed down or lacking…

I do usually find the motivation to do the damn things, because I know I am WORTH it, and I know that no one else can do it FOR me. I know that INTENTIONS are wonderful, but without ACTION, they get nowhere. And I know I am always better for doing the stuff I may not always wanna do – I promise you from the depths of my soul, there is a REALLY incredibly empowering feeling within RISING above your excuses and DOING IT. Powerful shit, no joke.

But you may not see the times I hit snooze.
You may not hear the pep talks I have to dole out to myself to get in gear.
You may not view the mental battle that sometimes comes from knowing you need to put in the effort, but not seeing those efforts pan out.
And you may not hear me occasionally whining that I just don’t wanna (replete with whiny toddler voice!)

I try to share the good and the bad, the ugly and the bloopers (see Saturday’s entry for proof, haha) because I am a firm believer that ALL of it is part of the journey, and my hope is that it inspires someone else to realize that things are sometimes less than pretty, the struggle is sometimes so damn real, and I hope to inspire people to rise above those struggles and DO IT ANYWAYS. Be your OWN source of motivation!

And if you need additional support and motivation, join me in my awesome Success Group 😉 – after all, that right there is a HUGE source of how I am constantly motivated!

You can request entry here!

Wordplay Wednesday – Hakuna Masquata

What’s that? It’s wordplay Wednesday?! Well then, this shirt fits the bill, amiright?!

My philosophy is whatever lights you up, whatever MOTIVATES you to do what it is you gotta do, whatever FUELS you, INSPIRES you and propels you into ACTION… DO THAT.

For me it’s wordplay – wordplay is my jam and LIGHTS me up, it inspires me and ENERGIZES both my heart and my soul, which energizes the rest of me. I can’t explain it, it just does.

And that may not be everyone’s jam, which is fine. The point is, YOU have to find what lights YOU up and spurs YOU into action (because we all know thinking is one thing, action is another!)

For me, a fun shirt motivates me to do the dang things even when I may not want to (I am human; those moments absolutely happen), and sometimes it just IS that simple.

Find what fuels you and run with it – DON’T worry about what others think (I stopped worrying about people judging me for just how long some wordplay can make me laaaaaugh and reminded myself that LAUGHTER is a good thing!) and don’t feel the need to explain yourself – you owe no one an explanation, but you do owe it to your HEART and SOUL to do what makes them happy, healthy and vibrant.

What quirky thing energizes YOU?

Push through!

Fully aboard the struggle bus so far today.

Some days, this is the real MVP!

Some days just DO NOT come easily, and this safe, effective little boost is just what I need to push past any weak excuses and GET TO IT.

They can’t all be rockstar workouts. What matters is I SHOWED UP, and didn’t quit any of the multiple times I wanted to. I realized even in a weak moment that I’m worth showing up.

The payoff is in PUSHING THROUGH any thoughts of I CAN’T, and focusing on the fact I CAN.

So I’ll take the boost, and I’ll be grateful to have such a great secret weapon in my tool belt. And I’ll go out there and do work.



Sunday Runday!

Sunday Rundaaaaay!

Coldest weather I’ve ever gone running in – you would think the 26 degree weather would speed my pace up, but nope, still huggin’ 10 minute miles.

I AM still proud I got out there and did something – it took a LOT of self pep-talking! I much prefer the temps of spring/warm fall, but it makes me happy to know I CAN run in cooler temps.

Friday Fit Tip – Show Up

You can have all the goals in the world, but unless you show up, they stay as thoughts, not accomplishments!

I get it, sometimes we are just not in the mood… but do you know what I have found approximately 98.2% of the time? Doing it anyways HELPS your mood – knowing you pushed through when you didn’t want to and did something to better your life is powerful, and a mood booster!

Show up. Get it done. Bask in the glory after – that’s the only way to achieve your goals.

Friday Fit Tip – DO what you DON’T like

How many of us avoid doing something because we aren’t very good at it, and I mean, who wants to feel weak?

But how else is one to get better? To improve? By DOING it.

What is something you have noticed yourself avoiding? For me, it is side planks with leg lifts. I am awful at it, so I usually just default to a side plank. I am going to consciously work on DOING it, and getting BETTER at it, instead of avoiding it and excusing myself, saying “a side plank is good enough”

Here is to doing the things we are not good at so we can become better at them! Who’s with me? What will you challenge yourself to do?

Thursday Thoughts – We All Have Struggles

I think some people are under the impression that us wellness coaches/mentors never struggle, never have days where it doesn’t come easy; like we never have days where we just don’t want to work out. It’s not true; we ALL have those days. We just know the powerfully exhilarating feeling that comes after getting up and getting it done anyways. We know how it makes us feel physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. And it’s always worth it.

But absolutely, most of us have days where it is a battle within to get those workout clothes on and press PLAY! This is why we are constantly and consistently participating in the Fitness/Challenge groups… we also benefit from the motivation, shared struggles, tips, and all of that. We are just as human as you, we share the struggles!

It’s during these times — the ones you most DON’T want to — that you need to! These are character building moments, showing you either how badly you want something, or how little it doesn’t matter to you. If your health and wellness matters to you, you trudge forward, doesn’t have to be perfect, you don’t have to crush it… JUST MOVE! beautiful-struggle