Move It Monday – Every Sweat Counts!

Anyone who says you can’t work up a serious sweat in 15 minutes has obviously never worked out with Chris Downing!

Stop assuming what ISN’T possible and start thinking about what IS, and then put yourself into action and DO IT!

For the record, doubting and naysaying burns approximately 0 calories 😉

Feel Good Friday – Halfway There!

 whooooa, we’re halfway there…

Ahhh, nothing like a little chocolate drank that will help my little legs RECOVER from that all-HIIT leg workout while celebrating the fact I am ALREADY halfway through this program!

In a fun mental flashback, I recall when the idea of completing a program start to finish was not only intimidating, but TERRIFYING.

Since that “limited mindset”, I have completed upwards of 10 programs start to finish, and I love doing that… however challenging, no matter how many moves make me feel like I’m dying, no matter the obstacles, I love rising up and seeing it through til the end; it’s a powerful reminder that I can do hard things as long as I BELIEVE I can do hard things!

Have you completed a program start to finish before?

Progress Report – Ultimate Reset

Today is day 4 on my 21 day cleanse, the Ultimate Reset, and I am feeling pretty good. I have been getting fantastic sleep (and NOT waking up at 4 am to workout is an added bonus) and even when I do wake up to go to the bathroom at night (inevitable with the amount of water I drink!), I am still able to fall back to sleep (that is not always the case during normal routines).

I have been well fed, as the Reset provides you with a LOT of food, and I have been trying NEW foods as the recipes call for them, and it’s fun to try new things and add to your arsenal of recipes, am I right?

I haven’t had coffee in 4 days now, and while I was a little nervous about that aspect (and the lack of cheese!), so far so good. My normal default is to get a headache if I don’t have some coffee in my system by about 10am, so this is a pleasant surprise.

I already feel less bloated, which given the time of month I am doing this during, I would say that is a huge victory!

I resisted this program for so long (4 years to be precise) because I kept focusing on all I wouldn’t be able to have, but I think it’s when you make the shift from focusing on the negative, to focusing on the positive that you set yourself up to be successful. I am far from done, as I am on day 4/21, but I feel confident I can do this, and I no longer see it as depriving me from my beloved cheese and coffee. It’s cleansing me out and adding vitality and vibrancy to my life, and I am so glad I made the decision to commit!

I think the secret truly is one day at a time (except when it comes to food prep for this – that’s more like 3 days at a time 😉)

Way Back Wednesday – From Chaos Comes Clarity

7 years ago, myself and 100+ colleagues were laid off suddenly via All Hands email, without being paid for the last 2 weeks of work and any accrued vacation time.

I was stunned, and SCARED! I had just been diagnosed as a Diabetic less than a year before, and the prospect of being without insurance was terrifying!

Thankfully, I did get a new full time job soon after. But inside of me, something clicked. I resolved to NEVER let myself be that financially vulnerable again. I PROMISED myself that I would find a way to be financially healthy and not at the mercy of another person or company.

So when a GREAT opportunity came my way a few years ago, I decided to take it! This opportunity went by the name of Beachbody.

The supplemental income that has come from working a few hours a week from home as a part time coach has given me new confidence as well as a healthier financial future. Just by taking care of my health and sharing my journey with others, I have been able to save money, save for amazing vacations with my husband, comfortably buy a house, pay off some debt…

All of these are great… but PEACE OF MIND is the most valuable one!  I know that I have the ability to continue to earn, and save, and prepare for rainy days. I’m in charge and I can create the future I choose.

7 years ago, there was a lot of chaos surrounding my life. But from chaos, comes clarity. I am no longer at the mercy of anyone else, and that’s powerful! 

Have you ever felt like you were at the mercy of someone else?