Thirsty Thursday – Darin Olien

Have you ever heard of this guy? He is known as the ingredient hunter – he sources all the yummy botanicals in Shakeology.

Now, some people might read the ingredient list and think “ooh, that sounds pretty!”, but Darin didn’t travel around the world to find exotic superfoods that sound interesting or look pretty.

The ingredients in Shakeology were chosen because they have shown to be beneficial to people’s health again and again. These superfoods are “super” because can benefit our health!

It’s the same reason I drink my shake religiously… not because it’s pretty, but because it HELPS me (and tastes good!)

Wellness Wednesday – Darin Olien on Shakeology

I get asked about Shakeology a lot; asked what’s in it, what isn’t… personally, I pay attention to this. What isn’t in Shakeology is sometimes just as important as what is!

What’s in Shakeology and why should you drink it?

Check out this awesome video which does a very good job of explaining what’s in Shakeology and why YOU should make it your daily dose of dense nutrition!

Have you ever tried Shakeology? If you would like to, let’s connect. There is a 30 day, empty bag, money back guarantee, so you won’t be out the money if you don’t find it as awesome as I do.

You never know what something can do for you until you give it an honest try!