Thursday Thoughts – Fighting The Good Fight

Would you be surprised to know that, pre-Diabetes diagnosis, I probably didn’t even need both hands to count how many times I had ever actually WANTED cake, or cookies, or cupcakes, or ice cream?

The stuff never really appealed to me…. until that diagnosis. And then suddenly, and FIERCELY, ALL of that stuff had ALL the appeal in the world. I am talking GRAVITATIONAL pull. It was almost like my mind and my body conspired to make up for the 27 years I was never interested in the stuff.
The struggle was, and still is every day, REAL. I fight a battle {{every}} day to keep that in check. Given the chance, I could probably undo years of hard work in one or two sittings.
But I don’t. I won’t. Because I have worked TOO HARD. Because I am bigger than any diagnosis. I still eat sweets here and there, in a controlled manner.  The balance of not depriving myself (thus inevitably setting myself up for a crazy binge), but not destroying all of my hard work, either. You see me talk about balance a lot, because truthfully, that’s the “secret sauce”!
If you are fighting the good fight, you aren’t alone! Let’s connect – we are better together; together, we CAN.

Truthbomb Tuesday – Hashtagging Diabetes is RUDE.

Time for a TRUTHBOMB!

I have to say it. I see this happen on too regular a basis, and while I am sure the intention is just to be funny, there is nothing funny about doing this, or Diabetes. Sorry, but I am NOT sorry. Those who find this funny probably wouldn’t if they had to fight this battle every day.

I get it, when we aren’t affected by something, it seems like funny fodder –  but this kind of stuff stings. This kind of stuff gives credibility to the very NOT CREDIBLE notion that Diabetes is the result of too many sweets.

You wouldn’t appreciate someone being snarky about a medical condition you had, would you?