Success Tip Saturday – Get Comfortable…

Let’s be real here: most of us do not LOVE feeling uncomfortable. It’s called a comfort zone for a « REASON »

But you and I both know that’s where all the magic is. That’s the path to success; peacing OUT of your comfort zone and leaping into the world of being COMFORTABLE with being UNCOMFORTABLE.

Put it this way – you can have comfort, or you can have success – what are YOU choosing?

I’m back!

Sorry, all… I took a brief hiatus from blogging due to a very tragic death in my family and my inability to fully process things, but… the good news is, I am back! The even better news is, yesterday I spent the day getting CERTIFIED to teach Country Heat LIVE – so who’s gonna join me for some classes?!

If you are local to Rhode Island (New England area – have Instructor status, will travel!), I would love to connect and turn the Heat up together!


Truthbomb Tuesday – Comfort Zones

EVERYONE has a comfort zone. And EVERYONE has the ability to step outside of it! I have stepped out of my own comfort zone more times in 2016 than I can count, and I’m no special occurrence – ANYONE can step outside of their comfort zone, it’s not just exclusive to me!

I’m human. I have fears just like anyone else. I also know that MY life is MINE to live, and NO ONE can do it for me. So I choose to step outside of the comfort zone.
I do it on my own terms, because that’s what your life should be about – your own terms!
If you can find it within you to be brave, be bold, and set foot outside of the comfort zone, exciting things will happen…