Thirsty Thursday – Aloe Gloe Organic Water

It was easy to drink this, imagining myself on a sandy beach, with warm temps… despite the fact I was actually at work, in mid-30 degree temps. But hey, at least Spring is finally coming!

Not ashamed to admit I enjoyed this while gazingly longingly at some of the artwork in my office… You aren’t going to judge me, right? 🙂

gloe 1 gloe 2

This tasted delicious but wasn’t overly sweet-coconutty. I drank half of it by itself, and added the other half to my Shakeology (which also was very tasty). I mostly prefer plain water, but every once in a while its nice to jazz it up a bit!


Whole Foods Wednesday – Coconut

coconutEating Well with Whole Foods – Coconut

A great article in a wellness magazine I picked up at the supermarket. It highlights many of the benefits of one of my absolute favorite foods (and scents!) – COCONUT.

Coconut is simply packed with nutritional greatness. Check the article out and let me know what you think!