Thankful Thursday – It Takes A Village

In less than a week, I get to see some of my tribe at Coach Summit in NOLA. I see the local ones at trainings and such, but we are scattered throughout the country, so I am excited to see the ones not so local.

These people have propped me up when I am down. They have helped me with notes, with calls, with confidence, with mindset, with everything under the sun.

I am THANKFUL for them, and GRATEFUL for them. I am blessed to be part of this team; blessed to link arms with these men and women, and march on in our quest to better ourselves, our lives, the lives of others and the world. I didn’t know when I decided to become a Coach that my cup was going to feel so very full, but I am so grateful for it.

No one stands alone, for it truly takes a village!

Friday Fit Tip – Rest and Recovery

Raise your hand if you struggle NOT to do something super active on your rest day(s)? GUILTY.

But… you gotta! You can definitely still move, but you gotta give your body that healing time! I like Yoga, but Tai Cheng or Qi Gong are awesome alternatives too.

You gotta let your body heal, and take rest and recovery as seriously as you take training, because how else are you supposed to become a badass?! 🙂

Monday Musings – Coach Life

I really love coaching because in a world full of things I can’t control and don’t enjoy, Coaching allows me to control several facets of my life, fuel my feel good tank by helping others feel good, and I ENJOY helping people, I ENJOY keeping myself accountable, I ENJOY my groups, teambuilding, biz powwows, and team calls!

Oh, and making some extra cash to pay off debt and do more good in the world with? YEAH, I enjoy that! Just being honest!

When you find something you enjoy doing, it doesn’t feel like work. And feeling like you are in control of some things? THAT is a pretty awesome feeling.

Ever given some consideration to seeing if this opportunity is for you?  Because there is no obligation —  no contracts,  nothing like that. Like it? Run with it. Don’t feel it’s for you? No hard feelings and you will never have to wonder.


Fierce Friday – Three Letters

Kara Claudia Rebecca WHY

One word, 3 letters – W H Y?
For the freedoms – time, money, choice… all of them.
For the feel-good feelings of knowing I helped people.
For the friendships, team-building, bonds, and connections.
For the empowerment.
For the ability to live my life by design.
For me. For my family.
For my own health.
Some people dream it, some people do it. I have always been a dreamer, but fortunately, I am also a doer!
No, it’s not always easy (because nothing worth having is, as we all know), and yes, sometimes I do let doubt creep in — and then I promptly kick that out,  because there is no room for doubt – none!
And no, it’s not for everyone — you have to be willing to work hard and step by step instead of expecting it to materialize overnight… but YES, it’s WORTH IT.
If you’d like to take control and design your life, let’s chat – you CAN do this, and I CAN help you!

Saturday Sweat

Simple but effective! If you do not have a pullup bar (I have gone to the local jungle gym and used that!), you can double up on the pushups, or do renegade rows with weights, or even a band pull if you have one.

Who is getting their sweat on today?!

Saturday Sweat

Ahhh, it’s Saturday, and it’s almost springtime! Depending on where you are today, this could be a great workout to take to the beach, or the park, or somewhere with inspiring views, since it requires no equipment (a yoga mat is optional, but I find a grassy spot works just fine for me!)

Doesn’t even take 30 minutes – you can get this done quickly and efficiently!

Remember, if you want it, you have to work for it!


Meal Planning Monday

An effective meal planning tip is to prep what you can as soon as you get home from the store! Wash and dry your lettuce, chop onions, roast vegetables. Chop veggies and fruits for easy access. Stack up glass containers of prepped ingredients in the refrigerator and then bask in the awesomeness of having nutritious stuff ready to grab! You are awesome! 🙂

It’s best to get it all done while your motivation is there (and before the ingredients get pushed back from your sight!), and having it done really will help you feel good!