Food Tip Friday – Juice From Lemon or Lime

Ever gone to squeeze some citrus in, and felt like it was a desert, barren with no real juicy goodness? Or gotten a little juice, but is that all!? I used to think it was just my inability to squeeze harder at times due to my neuropathy/arthritis, but chefs all around the world say you should roll it, with pressure, on your countertop before squeezing, this allows the flesh to break up a bit, maximizing the juices you get out of it.

Sunday Shakeology – Citrus

Is this really the last weekend before Labor day? What is up with that?!

Citrus Shakeology

Just goes by way too fast!

What are you doing to end your summer? Any fun plans?

Are you ready for Fall to come? Richer foods, cooler temps… no better time to give Shakeology a try – try it now and you can participate in Beachbody’s HealthBet!