Join my next support and accountability group!

Spring is coming, which means summer is right around the corner. How are you doing with your health and wellness goals?

Could you use some support and accountability? Would you find value in recipes, tips, motivation, daily fitness challenges, and other fun stuff like that?

We are carrying over our awesome February group into March and renaming it from Feel Good February to March Into Wellness – so we take the amazing energy and momentum into March with us.

We have a great vibe, supportive and fun, encouraging yet realistic, we share the good, the bad, and the ugly… we are a fit family and we want YOU to join us!

You may RSVP here and I will get in touch with you!



Shift Shop Saturday!

Y’all! A new program is available with Beachbody – I have done the Sneak Peeks and it looks awesome!

I am excited to give this one a whirl – three short weeks of progressing from basic 25 minute workouts to advanced 45 minute routines – all while honing my nutrition for optimal results? JUST what I needed after some NOLA indulgences! *wink*

It’s great for all fitness levels. If you have a lot of weight to lose, Shift Shop will be your kickstart to fitness. If you’ve spent some time away from your regular routine, trainer Chris will lead you through a fitness tune-up. It’s perfect for anyone who wantst to jump-start their regimen.

“It doesn’t matter where you came from…or where you’ve been. You can always reinvent yourself.”

Who’s joining our Accountability Group?! Let’s chat!

Click here to join us! 🙂


Make It Happen Monday – Accountability is the game changer

How times change…
I used to go to the gym, wander aimlessly, hit up a few machines (with absolutely zero regard for safety or proper form, CRINGE!), and then meander my way out for half priced apps with coworkers, effectively UNDOING all of my hard work, because I had nothing and no one to hold me ACCOUNTABLE; my dirty secret was known only by those joining me for those apps, and they were doing the same thing, so why would they hold me accountable?! We enabled each other!
Enter Beachbody. Enter Challenge groups, Accountability Groups, my teammates, the people down in the trenches with me in the DAILY BATTLE to get healthy and stay as healthy as I can…
And do you know what? That accountability has truly, TRULY made all the difference. Do I still indulge? Fuck yeah, I like health but life is also short, you gotta have balance, you know?! Do I sometimes not feel like working out? Yep, believe it or not, those days ABSOLUTELY happen — and thats when I click on the group, see everyone else posting their accountability, and remember how good it feels to WORK on yourself, and 99% of the time, I power through the workout and feel better for it afterwards.
Am I perfect? HARDLY. Am I progressing? ABSOLUTELY. The power of a like-minded community is incredible; without these groups I would never have gotten into the habit of working out consistently (AND focusing on form!) 5-6 times a week. I wouldn’t make treats the exception, not the rule. I WOULD let my excuses, my cozy bed, and my lack of energy stop me from working on being the best ME I can BE.
∗ OPEN INVITE ∗ With all sincerity here – if YOU need support, if YOU need accountability and a safe place to share the highs and lows, seek motivation and inspiration, and share in a powerful community who truly believe in you, and want to see you succeed – let’s chat, because we would love to have you! There is strength in numbers, and the bond of an accountability group is POWERFUL!

Fitness Friday – Help through the Holidays

Do you believe in strength in numbers?

Maybe some of you can relate to this… life feels super busy right now, I feel pulled in too many directions, and I know as we get closer to the holidays, that feeling will expand.

Personally, I am not willing to just roll over and let all my hard work with my health and fitness go to waste, though that would definitely be easier right now! But no, I refuse to do that, so I am brainstorming ways to help myself and anyone else interested in accountability during this crazy time period.

If I were to offer a 7 day wellness accountability group where I laid out about 20 minutes of at home workouts, some recipes, and tools to help you beat the plethora of sugar temptations, would you be interested?

Tis the Season!


Transformation Tuesday – Country Heat Round 1

After 2 back to back rounds of Hammer & Chisel, I needed a break, and I knew it! So I looked to the newly released Country Heat!

Yesterday, my Challenge Group kicked off a round of Country Heat. For me, it is the second round.. I completed round one towards the end of the summer. I LOVED this program – I was honestly surprised because while some of it is fun, most country music doesn’t do it for me (though as I stated, there ARE exceptions), and I wasn’t really sure if I would hive with honky tonk dancin’, you know?

But in the true nature of being an adventurous spirit who will try anything once, plus the incredible BUZZ surrounding this program at Coach Summit, I decided that yes, I would do at least one round. To be able to say I did. To be able to speak from experience when people ask me about it. I believe in being 100% authentic, and I only ever speak to my experiences with products and programs and the likes.

So I went in skeptical, I will admit, but I came out completely sold, and ready for another round! Autumn and I had a few tiffs during our 21 Day Fix/Hammer & Chisel Days (girl is effective, but she is also NONSTOP haha), and this program showed me a different side of her, one I enjoyed – she seemed more into having fun here, whereas with 21 Day Fix and Hammer & Chisel she was ALL business.

I had a rough summer, so much of my lean progress from my rounds of Hammer & Chisel had a little bit more padding, and after Country Heat not only did my core feel much stronger, but I noticed more definition and abs even made a cameo!

But more importantly (in my personal opinion) than abs and definition are how I felt – confident, challenged but capable (a few of the moves required a little practice for me to master, because while I love dancing, its typically freestyle dancing to jam band music, not choreographed stuff – but all of the moves are masterable!), genuinely happy I gave the program a try, and firmly on the side of “fitness CAN be fun” – you just have to find what you enjoy!

I don’t weigh myself, but I lost some inches around my torso and my thighs. I didn’t do it for the loss, but it was a nice bonus, really. Who doesn’t want to feel lean and strong and have fun getting there?!

I am excited for Round 2 – we just started yesterday. If you would like to join us, it’s not too late – we can instantly stream your program On Demand so you can join us!

You in?! You can comment below, email me, or click here to order a Country Heat Challenge Pack (workout and month’s supply of my favorite superfoods – Shakeology!) or you can click here to order the standalone Country Heat workout program!

Let’s have some fun!



Friday Fun

This past week is the last of the 21 Day Fix Challenge Group I have been co-running (yes, I still run other groups even if I am doing a different program!), and we decided to have a little fun this last week. We setup for Motivation Monday (share one of your favorite motivational quotes), Tush Tuesday (show how all those squats are shaping your bum!), Wacky Wednesday – come up with the craziest workout outfit you can, Thirsty Thursday – selfie with your Shakeology or your water, any healthy beverage, and of course, finishing up the week with a nice Flex Friday!

It’s been a lot of fun – I know there are some people who still don’t believe fitness can be fun, but it can be! You just have to put some effort in! I mean, one of our girls did her workout in a wildly crazy tutu, and what harm does that do? NONE! It just makes it more fun 🙂
blog pic 5 things

I am fairly known for my love of motivational quotes, so I kept it simple with this one. Wednesday I worked out with a red white and blue tutu,  patterned yoga pants and a bright orange shirt, my thirsty Thursday is of course my Shakeology, and boom there’s the Flex Friday!

Fun times!

Workout Wednesday – 21 Day Fix

A couple of coaches and I have a new 21 Day Fix Accountability Group forming online, and we start on March 14! I am extending the invitation to you, dear readers, so if you would like to join us and get fit, let’s chat!

21 Day Fix Group 14March

As many of you know, this was the program that helped me learn proper portion control, and to really see what food groups I over/undereat. I was very happy with my results, and I have done several rounds of the 21 Day Fix. I like this because I get bored easily, so 21 days was doable.

The workouts are definitely not a cakewalk, but they are doable for people at all fitness levels – there is a modifier for those who cannot jump, go balls to the wall (yet!), or might be rehabbing an injury, etc.

For me, as a Diabetic who needed to get a handle on nutrition, this program was worth its weight in gold. I am not a numbers person – I don’t want to count calories. This program made it possible to nail my nutrition without math or any frustrating calculations.It’s simple. It’s effective.  And it’s fun, too!

These groups are game-changers. They are a safe, convenient place for people to share the ups and downs, relate to others, hold themselves accountable, get motivation, recipes, tips… the power of being part of a like-minded community is incredible, and is exactly why I have stayed dedicated to my own journey for so long, through the trials and the triumphs!

If this sounds like something you feel would help you on your journey, let’s connect – I would love to have you join our inspiring, uplifting community!

If you would like to try the 21 Day Fix, you can purchase it here. If you prefer a 1-2 punch, both the workout and a month’s supply of Shakeology, saving $70 instead of buying them separately, that can be found here. But above all else, feel free to connect with me and say “HEY, I’d like to start my journey – I’m ready!”


Workout Wednesday – Body Beast

This program has intimidated me since I was introduced to Beachbody. No, not because I think I am going to bulk up, and not because I don’t think I am strong enough to handle it. The real intimidation? A guy I follow who is 100% dedicated to it, his supplement regimen had me nervous… no way do I want to put that many supplements into my body…

So I confess, I dismissed this one for a long time. My biz partner and coach Rebecca recently talked to me about how she did it. She’s a little taller than I am (who isn’t?!), but outside of that we are very similar body types. So I was intrigued…

So I was asking her, do I really have to take all of the supplements, or is that more for the people who are trying to bulk up and increase their mass? She told me I didn’t need to take them, to just be sure to replenish myself with Shakeology after to help the muscles heal and refuel me. Okay, I can do that…

So now I am thinking I am gonna get Body Beast, and run a Challenge Group for men, and women who would like to strengthen and lean out. I loved how strong I felt and looked in my wedding gown, and I would really like to continue to build strength and muscle.

Wanna join me? Shoot me a message and we will get you all set!

Right up my alley! 🙂

Workout Wednesday – Next 21 Day Fix Challenge Group

Hot off the heels of our last (awesomely successful, I might add!) 21 Day Fix Challenge Group, we are happy to announce our next one!

We will be kicking off on 15June, which takes us through the 4th of July! So far, all of our current challengers have expressed gratitude for these Accountability/Challenge groups… it is very helpful to have a support group that helps keep you on track through holiday weekends (which I confess, are an ABSOLUTE struggle for me, personally), helps motivate you when you just aren’t feeling it… shares their own struggles (we all have them!)…

Do you think this is something that you would enjoy/benefit from? What do you have to lose?

June 15 21 DF CG Graphic

Are you up for the challenge? Are you READY for summer?