Adventures in Pregnancy – 22 Weeks!

Oh sunshine, I have missed you so much… please never go so long without showing your face again! We had only had 1 day of sunshine in almost 3 weeks, and it was grating on me! I need my Vitamin D!

Since today is nice and not rainy, and I managed to get myself out of bed and do my stuff timely, I had a few extra minutes to go breathe in some fresh air and soak in some much needed vitamin D and goodness did they both feel so good!

Like most humans, I dig sunshine and fresh air (and good views don’t hurt!) 😉

So, my 22 week BUMPIE and I enjoyed it all ❤

Hoppy Easter!

This would be a little cuter if I was a little further along (or actually ready to pop 😉), but I still love it!

Hoppy Easter everyone! So hard to believe next Easter we will have our own little “bunny” 💕

I am so excited to begin new traditions, and to experience holidays through a child’s eyes… this always adds several layers of magic to them, I feel.

Do you have little ones?


Adventures in Pregnancy – 15 weeks!

I had some requests, so here is a 15 week “bumpie” – I haven’t documented my bump much because, at least to me, it doesn’t yet resemble a pregnancy, it still just looks like I needed to decline a third round at the buffet table 🤣

But from what I hear, it will start to pop within a month or so, and I’ll enjoy looking back on my transformation, so here we are!

(And yes, I have lived in leggings this whole pregnancy so far!)