Adventures in Pregnancy – Pregnancy Brain!

Latest showing of pregnancy brain:

“I’m just gonna sit for 20 minutes then I’m gonna hop in the fridge…” “ummm I mean the shower, not the fridge…”

Lawd… I think my husband needs to carry a recorder 24/7 to catch the gems that already come out of my mouth (and I’m sure with sleep deprivation coming soon, I’m really gonna say some wackadoo ish!)

Did you say funny stuff while pregnant?

Tip Tuesday – Memorize

Y’all, we gotta keep our brains sharp and on point! The best way to do that is to W O R K them!

One good way is to memorize something new every day – it can be something as simple as a quote you love, a popular phrase, song lyrics, a poem, a random fact… it doesn’t matter what it is, what matters is every day you give your brain fuel!