Diabadass Life – Insulin Life

I am a lot of things, but patient is not one of my stronger characteristics.

I was resistant to insulin for such a long time, because the idea of more needles (doesn’t matter how skinny it is, sorry!) every day is honestly nauseating, but a little over a month ago I agreed to give it a try because the alternative was to continue doing everything mostly right, only to see no good changes in my numbers, only bad changes.

I obviously don’t have to tell you how defeating a feeling THAT was, so obviously I’d really rather not continue with such a vicious cycle.

So I agreed to try insulin. And if you asked me my ideal number yesterday when I got bloodwork done, a little over a month on insulin, it would be sitting comfortably at 6.2, down from 6.8… that would be ideal.

The result was not ideal, BUT… I do believe, and my doctor has reassured me 14 times over, that this is me on the right track; this is my body adjusting, transitioning, and stabilizing. He says this is normal, and I choose to believe the professional.

So while it’s UP to 7.2 from 6.8, it’s also a little unrealistic to expect everything to balance out in a months time. So here is where a little patience will do me well… this is a marathon, not a sprint!

My job right now is to keep up my healthy habits, keep the damn faith, and keep to my injections.

And so that’s what I will do. Because the alternative is STILL much less appealing than injections every day. That kinda mental roller coaster is not a ride I’d like to take again!

Thursday Thoughts – Setup for a Comeback

Last week, I had bloodwork done for my a1C. And I will be honest: I wasn’t about balance as much this pasts Summer as I could have been. And my test results showed as such. Slight increase in a1C – up to 7.0.

Which means its time to get back on track and get my Diabetes back under control – I know I can do it and so I will. It’s not easy but I am worth it!

Yes, this bothered me. But no, I won’t beat myself up about it – that’s not a productive use of my time. I am better off focusing my energy on righting this ship.

Got any tips to help me? What works best for you?


Perks Of Being A Diabetic – A1c Score Today!

I know, it’s the little things, right? Haha… I do not look forward to being stuck with a needle, but I do look forward to seeing my progress (or lack thereof…) but I am pretty confident that my score will be decent today, because I have really amped up my healthy lifestyle lately, so we shall see.

I know, it’s okay if it’s not what I am expecting, it doesn’t mean I’m not doing my best, it’s just a number… I won’t let it upset me if its not what I am hoping for. Doing so isn’t helpful, this I know now 🙂

Until later…

(what, I just thought he was kinda adorable haha)

A1c Bloodwork Today…

I typically have 8am appointments, but this is a rescheduled appointment from one that was cancelled due to one (of many!) snowstorms that plagued New England… so this won’t be a fasted score. My appointment is at noon, so I am having a simple breakfast, drinking my coffee, drinking my water, and heading in to my appointment after doing some work from home.

I take these appointments to heart – as much as I wish I didn’t. Due to stressful situations in life, sometimes my results are a bit skewed, and I get upset by that. But I am determined not to let my score upset me if it isn’t within an acceptable (to me!) range – I will continue to use it as motivation to strive harder and get healthier (my mom made me promise I wouldn’t get upset, and well, you don’t break a promise to your mama!)

Until later…