Tip Tuesday – Benefits of Meditation

Any fellow meditaters here? I had never really done it (I struggle with sitting still, nevermind not even THINKING anything) but it was an exercise we did at a recent Team Retreat, and I actually loved it. I did notice some thoughts creeping in, but redirected them back towards focusing on my breathing, and it was a nice release, it felt good and I definitely intend to make it part of my every day life!

I have been trying to do it several times a week to get in the habit… it is ripe with benefits, these are just a few!

If you meditate, what is another benefit you notice?

Tip Tuesday – Stretch Daily

Seems simple enough, right? Here’s the thing – for as simple and obvious as this tip is, it really is a powerful tip! Our bodies CRAVE stretching. Stretching releases muscle tension, prevents muscle cramps, improves lymphatic flow as well as blood flow, which can make you happier AND keep your digestion working well!┬áIt also helps muscle stagnation, which can make you feel off.

Stretching when you get out of bed, and before you get into bed is a great practice to get into – even a few minutes will help you feel better, and help to energize you!

It doesn’t have to be complicated stretching either, anything where you can feel the stretch is perfect!