Friday Fit Tip – DO what you DON’T like

How many of us avoid doing something because we aren’t very good at it, and I mean, who wants to feel weak?

But how else is one to get better? To improve? By DOING it.

What is something you have noticed yourself avoiding? For me, it is side planks with leg lifts. I am awful at it, so I usually just default to a side plank. I am going to consciously work on DOING it, and getting BETTER at it, instead of avoiding it and excusing myself, saying “a side plank is good enough”

Here is to doing the things we are not good at so we can become better at them! Who’s with me? What will you challenge yourself to do?

New Years Eve!

Ahhh, a new year. Nothing feels better than a blank slate with which to create your goals and crush your dreams!

2017 is absolutely full of possibility – do yourself a favor and go, full speed ahead, after what will make your soul smile.

Whatever it is – it’s not too late. It’s never too late!

Will 2017 be the year for you?