Tip Tuesday – Grounding

Anyone else a huge fan of grounding?

No, I don’t mean PUNISHING… grounding is GOOD!

I didn’t know the term for it until a couple of years ago, but I would always find myself doing just this… I love the feel of the Earth under my feet, but did you know it has tons of helpful benefits?

Superfood Saturday – Goji Berries

Goji. Goji berry. That’s fun to say… don’t mind me, I love things with fun names. Anyways…

You have probably heard of today’s superfood, but have you tried¬†them? Goji berries are a good source of vitamins and minerals, including:

  • vitamin C
  • fiber
  • iron
  • vitamin A
  • zinc
  • antioxidants

They are also a low sugar nutritional option, making them ideal for Diabetics (but as with anything else, you might wish to discuss this with your medical team!)


Thirsty Thursday – Good Old H20!

Oftentimes, in my groups or in conversation, I am asked what’s my favorite tip, or what piece could I not do this journey without, and truthfully, while I have learned a LOT of different key components, my number one has not changed – DRINK YOUR WATER!!! For such an easy, accessible component, it packs SUCH a punch in your journey to wellness!

Did you know that water makes up almost 85% of your brain, about 80% of your blood and an average 50% of your lean muscle? Water helps eliminate toxins from the body, is essential for proper digestion and nutrient absorption, and basically plays a vital role in nearly every bodily function, which is all the more reason to ensure you get your h20 in!

Aim for half your body weight in ounces Рyou can do it! The effects on your body are SO worth getting into the habit!


Thirsty Thursday – GT’s Synergy Organic Kombucha

Have you ever had Kombucha? Being that I don’t usually drink much other than water, iced coffee and Shakeology (and of course sangria and beers when the urge strikes!), it was never really on my radar but a fellow Coach of mine talked about it enough to pique my curiosity, so I decided to give it a try and see what the buzz is all about!

Tasted good, I have always loved tea so I was expecting I would like it… It tasted good, slightly sweet but nothing jarring… 4 grams of Sugar and 14 grams of Carbs in the whole bottle isn’t too bad, especially because I only do a few sips here and there, not the whole bottle at once.

One of the reasons I like it so much is that Kombucha is extraordinarily rich in antioxidants, and you are all very aware of the benefits of antioxidants for boosting your immune system and energy levels!

Extra bonus: helps detoxify which is helpful after a long weekend of adult beverages (yep, still feeling the effects of that!)



Superfood Saturday – Flaxseed

Do you like flaxseed? I put it on top of my Greek yogurt and berries every morning (my preworkout meal!) to add a boost of goodness (and more protein!) to the meal.

A fellow teammate of mine made the distinction that ground flaxseed are better than whole because our bodies digest ground flax better. Just sharin’ the knowledge!


Them being a rich source of fiber really helps us Diabetics, so that’s another reason I eat them daily. These little guys really are packed with value!

Tip Tuesday – Liver Cleansing Foods

After a holiday weekend of drinking (at least for some people), our livers are sometimes feeling the need for a little tune up. Nope, no surgery or awful detoxes, just some simple foods that you probably already have on hand anyways!Liver Cleansing FoodsSome pretty basic, simple stuff, but very powerful! Do you use any of these to give your liver a nice gentle flush-out? Do you have any others? As I have said, I LOVE hearing/learning new things!

Feel Good Friday – Meditation

Do you meditate? I have been trying to do it more… I am not the best at sitting still and staying in the moment, but I am working on becoming better at this, because this little meditation time is loaded with benefits!

Let’s face it, our minds get quite a workout, and sometimes a little “time out” by way of Meditation can go a long way towards restoring our energy and positive mindset!

Benefits of Meditation

So while my ants-in-my-pants butt needs to be better about sitting still and just letting my mind flow freely, there are tons of reasons to do so, which is why I am making it an active practice. I might only be able to do it for 10 seconds right now, but 10 seconds becomes 20 seconds, and 20 seconds will eventually become 20 minutes… so on and so forth. It’s a process, but a worthwhile one!