Factbomb Friday – Be Hungry!

Hungry people are willing to do the things today that others won’t do in order to have the things tomorrow that others won’t have.

Hungry people are relentless. People that are hungry are unstoppable. They refuse to give up.
No excuse is acceptable. If you want it, you will do whatever it takes. You CAN do it.


Believe in yourself. You only get one shot. Make it count; the time is NOW.

Happy Friday! 😊


Mindset Monday – Clear The Mental Chatter

Look, I’m living freakin’ proof that your mindset is not only your BIGGEST obstacle, but it’s also the most POWERFUL puzzle piece.

I used to focus on negatives, zero in on imperfections, give way too much weight to flaws, and just straight up did not believe in myself. So everything was mediocre.

Because I mean, of course – you CAN’T and you WON’T be able to SHINE until you get your mind right. There is no way around it; your mindset and your belief in yourself are the powerful one-two punch you NEED to be unstoppable.

So, clear the mental chatter and just believe in your abilities, right here, right now. YES, YOU CAN DO JUST THAT. It’s hard, yes (and worth it!), but impossible? NOPE.

Need help? We’re better together, dont’cha know?

Worth It Wednesday – Worthy Of My Dreams

Have you ever doubted you are worth all of your dreams and goals? See, DOUBT is the dirtiest D word I know, and if you let it, it will completely take over your being and send you running in the opposite direction. And then what happens? You get too scared to go after what it is you want (not to mention you are that much further from it!)

First step – REALIZE you are absolutely worthy of your dreams – it doesn’t matter what you did or didn’t do in the past, it doesn’t matter if your dreams seem silly to someone else, it doesn’t matter if they seem a very long shot… nothing else matters but that you realize you are worthy.

Once you can make that shift, I think the rest of it comes much easier but you gotta set the foundation of BELIEVING you are WORTHY, first.

I am working on this – I do pretty well with self belief, but I am no stranger to letting doubt creep in


Thursday Thoughts – Success

Success doesn’t just waltz around and randomly select who to bestow itself upon… (if ONLY it were that easy!)

It comes to those who PLAN for it… who WORK towards it… who BELIEVE in themselves and their ability to achieve.

Success is something to WORK for, not WISH for.

The bad news is, you gotta work for it. BUT the GOOD news is – you have everything you need within you!

Tuesday Thoughts – Obstacles Into Opportunities

“Who the hell wants to take health and fitness advice from a Diabetic?!” – actual words that left my mouth when I was approached about the Beachbody opportunity. I know… SO cringeworthy.

But at the time, it felt totally true. It really did seem ludicrous that I could help ANYONE, when I was barely helping MYSELF.

Here’s where the beauty of BELIEF, power of personal development, and FAITH come into play – I didn’t know the HOW, I just knew the WHY. And the WHY helped me figure out the HOW. It helped the big picture come into play, and the big picture would be accomplished by the small steps, day in and day out.

I no longer feel that way about myself as a Diabetic and my abilities as a Coach. So here is where I tell you that if YOU have any silly reason why YOU shouldn’t be able to change your life – toss that notion into the trash… you CAN do anything, and people WILL join and support you along the way!

It boils down to just being real, being authentic, being YOU – people can resonate with that!

What’s holding YOU back?


Motivation Monday – Every Accomplishment

It’s Monday! Let’s see what we can conjure up for motivation, shall we?

You are powerful. You are limitless. You can do anything you desire — no matter how far-fetched it may seem — at any time.

But until you try, you will get nowhere. Decide to try, fully commit to it, decide that you won’t quit but rather, fail forward until you achieve it, and guess what will be waiting at the end?


Go ahead, get started. You can do it!


Feel Good Friday – I Dare You…

…to believe in Y O U R S E L F!

I know all too well how easy it is to believe in others, and dish out motivation and inspiration, and I am told I am really good at it. Know what I am not good at? Believing in MYSELF.

While I am getting better with it, it is quite a battle!

I dare you to believe in yourself

But it is a battle I refuse to give up on, because I think of how it will one day feel to have 100% faith in myself, to fully believe in myself, and to not be my own worst critic. I think of how awesome it will feel to be able to say “eh, I made a mistake, but it’s okay; I’m human” and ACTUALLY believe it, not just pay lip service.

Doesn’t that sound like a great concept to you? To actually believe in yourself and all you are capable of? Because, you may not know this… but your only limitation is yourself! You DO deserve all this magic!