Adventures in Pregnancy – Fetal Evaluation


So even though my blood sugars, blood pressure, and the baby’s heart rate have been close to perfection (her words, not mine!) my whole pregnancy, she has me going for twice weekly fetal evaluation just to ensure things are staying on track towards the end of pregnancy, because I guess towards the end things can (and sometimes do!) change quickly, and she feels this is something that will help arm us with valuable information.

I do like getting to hear 30 minutes of a strong heartbeat twice a week, as opposed to the 3 second clips I was getting prior!

It is a truly magical sound, like nothing I have ever heard!

Feel Good Friday – Shine Your Brightest!

Do you… see yourself as a constant self-improvement project?

Do you… approach self-love with an all-or-nothing attitude?

Are you… hard on yourself — especially your body?

Is there something you are attempting to get rid of by sweeping it under the rug?

It’s important to be mindful of coming from a place of wanting to LEARN and GROW and shine BRIGHTER, not from a place of ‘there is something wrong with me and I need to fix it.’

There is nothing wrong with you – you are beautiful and perfect. And there is nothing wrong with improving upon that. We are here to be our best selves; nothing less!

And if you need help with that, I’m here, always. I’m always working on being my best self too, so we can do it all together 💕

Self Love Saturday – You Don’t Have To Be Perfect

Things have been a little crazy lately, and I have felt pulled in too many directions, sometimes eager to please everyone else, forgetting this is MY life, and that before I worry about anyone else, I have to take care of me!

I sometimes forget to enjoy it all – even the messes (which it all is, right now, haha). Trying to enjoy it all, after all, each chapter, good or bad, is a big part of my story!

If you find yourself feeling the pull to be perfect… stop. Embrace the imperfections and the mess. You are better for it, for them!

Truthbomb Tuesday – Personal Growth

I mean….

I think back to some situations that have occurred lately, and how I have handled them. And then I take a second to think about how I would have handled the same situations a year ago.
The reactions are MEASURABLY different. Not me tooting my own horn, just the truth.
My coping mechanism now, versus a year ago, are TOTALLY different.
True, things still hurt (because I am after all, still a human), but man, I have grown, and it is evident. And it’s a beautiful thing!
personal growth - a beautiful thing
Personal growth is a helluva drug! 🙂

Feel Good Friday – Be Happy!

be happyhey! It’s Friday! That’s one of MANY reasons to BE. HAPPY!

Sometimes it feels like there are no reasons to be happy – I think we all fall victim to this once in a while. But there are plenty, PLENTY of reasons to be happy, I promise!

I challenge you to take a piece of paper, and write down 5 reasons to be happy. And then read them out loud. If you wish, tape the paper where you can see it and remind yourself when you are wallowing in pity.

Infinite number of reasons to be happy… what are YOURS?