Fitness Friday – Help through the Holidays

Do you believe in strength in numbers?

Maybe some of you can relate to this… life feels super busy right now, I feel pulled in too many directions, and I know as we get closer to the holidays, that feeling will expand.

Personally, I am not willing to just roll over and let all my hard work with my health and fitness go to waste, though that would definitely be easier right now! But no, I refuse to do that, so I am brainstorming ways to help myself and anyone else interested in accountability during this crazy time period.

If I were to offer a 7 day wellness accountability group where I laid out about 20 minutes of at home workouts, some recipes, and tools to help you beat the plethora of sugar temptations, would you be interested?

Tis the Season!


Transformation Tuesday – Personal Growth

For too many years, I felt small. Invisible. Insignificant. Isolated. I can pin a decent chunk on my lack of functional ears, but not all of it….

I know what you are thinking… you?! You see my outgoing personality and you see the results of the personal growth I have experienced in the past couple of years, and the first sentence doesn’t quite compute. Kara? Was shy?!
But that’s how it was. The outgoing personality was always there (and for a select handful of friends and family members, was always out and on display), but it was stifled; it was muted. I never felt comfortable putting all my many quirks and flaws out on front street for ALL to see – this was reserved for those who were tried and true friends – ones who have seen me at my best, and my worst, and still don’t judge me.
But something happened when I started really focusing on my health and fitness journey, and in building my business. I still don’t know what, or how (my money is on all the team building and personal development!), but suddenly I didn’t feel shy about sharing just how quirky I am. I didn’t feel like I had to put out a muted, beige version of myself. I no longer felt like I had to conform to fit in, but I finally felt like I could carve my own niche out, and those who resonated with my vibe could join me; those who don’t could pass me by and I wouldn’t be any worse off for it.
It’s kind of a surreal feeling to finally feel comfortable and confident in your own skin; to feel like you can be yourself, 100%, and its OKAY if not everyone vibes with you. I wish it hadn’t taken me til my 30’s to realize it, but better late than never, huh?
Some transformations are physical, and those are amazing. Some are mental, and those are enlightening. Some are emotional, and those are powerful. And some transformations are all of the above – and those are EMPOWERING.
I could play the guessing game and think “Hmmm, would I be this far had I not become a Beachbody coach, thus holding myself accountable?”, but that won’t get me anywhere. All I do know is that the Beachbody Coaching opportunity has been great for me… physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually.
I look forward to growing even more!

Feel Good Friday – Paying it Forward

I get asked a lot “why do you coach?” – and some people are being sarcastic in asking, but some people genuinely want to know. There are a LOT of reasons, but the short answer is because I believe everyone deserves to feel their best – living a happy, healthy, vibrant life. It can be hard to find the motivation to stay with it, which is where our accountability and the support groups come in. But with hard work and consistency, these become lifelong habits, because it’s not a diet or a deprivation, it is a lifestyle change.

That’s why I help people reach their health and fitness goals, thus bettering the quality of their life. Someone helped me reach mine, and though it was my decision to take the leap, and me putting  had someone not cared enough to ask me to join their group, I might still be flailing and trying to get things under control!

And I help them by working with them to find a workout program that suits their goals and abilities, by motivating them, by providing tips to make this crazy thing we call life a little easier… they do all the work, but I am right there to motivate them, to remind them of their why, to be right there in the trenches with them, sweating with them, and I am there to provide encouragement when the inevitable feelings of “I can’t do this” creep in.

Everyone should have someone that will help them reach their goals! If you’d like help reaching yours, let’s chat! 🙂
Kara - Pay it forward

Take a Chance Tuesday – Wanna be your own boss?

Have you every wanted to make a supplemental income? Be your own boss? Help others? Get into the best shape of your life? Consider becoming a Beachbody coach!

Sometimes the best things in life are simple – this is one of them! I make my own hours, which means things that need my priority don’t get neglected. I drink my Shakeology, I do my workout, and I share my story with others (in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, my story might inspire someone else). I sell nothing. I share, and allow people to connect and see if what works for me can work for them.
Coach Summit #getonboard pic
Is it easy? I mean, if I am being honest, no, it’s not easy to be 100% transparent and put yourself out there. But it IS worth it. There are no words to describe the feeling that comes when someone who previously felt HOPELESS, comes to you and thanks you for helping them how to feel HOPEFUL again. For helping them realize their POTENTIAL. For showing them how STRONG they are.
It’s a bonus that helping others helps keep ourselves accountable on our own journeys, and give us the financial freedom and freedom of time we so desire. The real reward here is making a difference and helping the quality of someone’s life!
You could be your own boss, too! You in? Let’s chat!

Thursday Thoughts – There is Ability in every Disability

I don’t like to think I can’t do something. Telling me I can’t is basically just ensuring that I do, I will…

ability in disability

With a profound hearing loss, unfortunately, sometimes “I can’t” FEELS true. This hasn’t stopped me from trying, like the time I insisted on taking a foreign language in HS and failed epically (ever tried to learn a foreign language being almost deaf? NOT. EASY.)
The same has rang true for some jobs, the same way I couldn’t be in the military, I wouldn’t be very successful at being a telemarketer, bartender, customer service rep, waitress…. You know, jobs made incredibly difficult by the loss of such a major sense.
And I will admit that I fret about this for many years – how I was going to supplement my income to get myself out of debt and my student loans paid. With such limited options, I never felt like anything was really a good fit, and the only one that was – retail (and even then, had its dicey moments) – would mean basically working all weekend. And I considered it, but I weighed it out – was it worth it to sacrifice weekends and having free time for my family and friends? It might be better financially but spiritually and emotionally, was it worth it? My heart told me no.
So I kept looking.
I kinda fell on this Beachbody Coach opportunity by accident, sort of. It was never supposed to be a way to supplement my income, until all of a sudden it was. I went into it wanting a discount. But something shifted and I realized, ESPECIALLY due to how accessible Beachbody makes its events and trainings and materials for those with a hearing impairment, coupled with how I needed to get and keep MYSELF and my DIABETES under control… was this the perfect opportunity for someone with seemingly limited options like myself?
The short answer is HELL YES. This opportunity has touched and enriched my life in so many ways, from keeping me accountable to unearthing my self esteem and my confidence, empowering me, and filling a need for someone who desperately wanted to supplement her income, to get out of debt, but truly felt trapped with minimal options, all because her ears don’t work.
I have long said that I totally understand how people who haven’t lost a major sense can’t fully relate to the additional layer of struggles and frustrations someone who HAS suffered such a loss faces. So I understand that some people may balk when I say there aren’t as many opportunities, or that this is the best one for me. It is. And I want to show more people that it could be the opportunity for them too.
It’s incredibly powerful to go from feeling trapped, and like I CAN’T do something, to feeling like I CAN, finding a way to make it work, and taking control of my future, instead of letting my ears hold me back. I am grateful for that steel-will. modern technology, patient friends, family and teammates, and the ABILITY to FIND a way.
After all, I can do anything a hearing person can do, except hear.

Motivation Monday – Change your life…

change your life by changing the lives of others

Every Beachbody event I attend, I leave feeling 50 feet tall. I leave feeling inspired, empowered, capable, strong, and confident.

The culture that Beachbody works hard to cultivate is one of the best things about this “job” – I truly cannot put into words how amazing it is. It feels awesome to feel confident in your own skin, to feel capable of achieving your dreams, and to feel empowered enough to pay it forward.

This Summit is no different – last year my biz partner and I were so jazzed up, we spent the plane ride home masterminding… we are taking separate flights home today, but we will for sure be riding the Summit wave and taking our business to the next level, and I could not be more excited about it.

Because I want to be able to focus on each one of you and truly get you to where you can be yourself and shine, I am limiting my next Coach mentorship to 5 people. Men or women, young or younger, anyone who would like to change their life while helping others change theirs is welcome.

Reserve your spot now!

You can go as far as you are willing to dream and believe. Your mind is the only thing holding you back.

Don’t you want to see what you are TRULY capable of?

Superworkout Saturday – Flashback Edition

This is me during last years Saturday Superworkout – Beachbody had Broadway St shut down, and 25,000 of us Beachbody Coaches worked out at Sunrise with 5 of the Beachbody Celebrity Trainers – Sagi Kalev, Autumn Calabrese, Tony Horton, Shaun T and Chalene Johnson.


Have you ever seen anything like this?! SO amazing.

Now, I am a morning person, so the earliness wasn’t an issue for me, but even if I wasn’t a morning person – IT WOULD HAVE BEEN SO. WORTH. IT.

You cannot even put into WORDS how amazing it was; how absolutely packed with energy. SO amazing.

To share in the fitness groove with 25,000 other people as the sun rises on yet another day on this wonderful planet, just priceless.

Still to this day, one of the most amazing feelings ever.

And today… we do it again! The lineup might be a little different, but oh… the energy… you can count on it being just as amazing if not more amazing. Pics to follow!

What are YOU doing to sweat today?

Thursday Thoughts – Summit Energy

Yes, this week’s posts are mostly Summit related – I am soaking in all of this INCREDIBLE energy, and I honestly cannot wait to get home and apply everything.

I left last year’s Summit with an INSANE amount of energy and belief in myself, and my biz partner and I spent the whole flight home masterminding how to grow our businesses and achieve our goals. Of course, last year after Summit I had to dive right into finalizing wedding planning and all that came with that…

But this year… ohhhh… I am married, I have nothing else stopping me from taking all of this momentum and DARING to SUCCEED.

So exciting – the beauty of Summit is (besides reuniting with your teammates scattered all across the USA) is you get SO much knowledge and inspiration and energy and insight jampacked into such a short time. It’s exhausting but SO empowering.

summit 2016 nashville

Wanna come with us next year? We’re hitting another awesome city – to be announced! – and you can join us!

Team Rise to Shine would love to help you shine your light on the world, and help others do the same!

Thankful Thursday – Beachbody Coach Summit

Y’all have probably seen that I am a Beachbody Coach – I try not to be obnoxious about it on here because I know people have very thin patience for that stuff, sometimes, but I do try to run my business and I adore helping others; I always have since I was a little girl, it just makes me feel good and like I do a small part to improve this massive world.

coaching changes lives - yours, and others.

Next week is Coach Summit in Nashville, and this will be my second year attending, and I am excited. I am grateful, I am thankful.

You see, it may sound silly, but I cried endless tears over my Diabetes diagnosis. Out of fear, out of frustration… I sobbed. I was terrified, and really worried about how I was going to get this under control.

I don’t think she knew it at the time, but when Rebecca approached me about joining her Challenge Group, I was ambivalent and doubtful, but I decided to do it just because I didn’t have anything to lose, and it was going to help her out, and I was all for that aspect.

If you asked me then if I knew that would turn into what it has, I would have laughed, hard. I never had any intention of helping anyone – in fact, I distinctly remember saying “who wants to take health advice from a Diabetic?!”

I mean, that seems counterintuitive, am I right? But such is the beauty of trusting in the Universe… she had plans for me. She was going to help me help myself by helping others. She was going to show me how strong I am, how inspiring and relate-able I could be, and how I could be the light for others desperate to see some light on their path.

I still struggle to believe I have any value to add, and its during these times that my teammates, and my challengers, somehow, someway, manage to chime in and remind me that I do bring value, and I am grateful for that.

The Beachbody opportunity really has done wonders for my self esteem, confidence, my ability to power through and it’s also kept me accountable and on track with my own health – something I TRULY needed and was desperate to achieve.

It’s never easy. but some battles are worth fighting – and yes, this is totally one of them.

So next week, when I am immersed in a wonderful city full of people who feel exactly the same way I do, people who radiate light and love and encouragement, I will think back to how it all started – with a question – and I will be so thankful that this turned into the answer that I needed.

We are all in this together!