Mindset Monday – Your Biggest Obstacle


Look, I’m living freakin’ proof that your mindset is not only your BIGGEST obstacle, but it’s also the most POWERFUL puzzle piece.

I used to focus on negatives, zero in on imperfections, give way too much weight to flaws, treat everyone like my personal therapist, and just straight up did not believe in myself. So everything was mediocre.

Because I mean, of course – you CAN’T and you WON’T be able to SHINE until you get your mind right. There is no way around it; your mindset and your belief in yourself are the powerful one-two punch you NEED to be unstoppable.

So, clear the mental chatter and just believe in your abilities, right here, right now. YES, YOU CAN DO JUST THAT. It’s hard, yes (and worth it!), but impossible? NOPE.

Need help? We’re better together, dont’cha know? 😉

Motivation Monday – Believe In Yourself

I used to be this person. Broken, beaten, and seeing no real reason to continue on. And then came a pivotal moment in my life – I was diagnosed as a Diabetic. I wish I could say that that instantly propelled me to action, that I was instantly ready to come out swinging, but no… I was shell shocked for several days, and the feeling of defeat was incredibly present.

But then came another pivotal moment in my life – the change in my mindset. Did I think it sucked that I was a Diabetic? Honestly, yes. Did I think it was a little unfair? Unfortunately, I am guilty of that. But something inside of me clicked and I remembered a simple phrase an old friend had taught me – Life asks of you only what it knows you can handle – and while truthfully, I could deal with having much fewer “tests” – the fact that after all I have been through I am still standing, not jaded, not throwing in the towel… that says something, to me.

It tells me I am a fighter. It tells me I have the determination to get through this, and anything else that might find its way in my path. You have to believe in yourself – it doesn’t matter how much anyone else believes in you – Y O U have to believe in Y O U R S E L F.

Have faith in yourself. Believe in yourself. Your challenges become exponentially easier when you have belief in yourself on your side!

Motivation Monday – Be Courageous

Happy Monday! In honor of Columbus Day, I decided to make the theme for today COURAGE, after all, Columbus seems to have had that in spades, no?

Courage usually reaps great rewards. Nothing is gained by fear. Be courageous, face your fears, face the unknown, be with what “scares” you.. you might find it doesn’t scare you after all; that it was all in your head 🙂


Motivation Monday – Do No Harm…

… but take no shit! Seriously, it has been a battle lately in my life. I won’t bore you with the details, but it has been a struggle. I am not sure when I issued out a challenge to heap loads of crap on me, but that’s how its been lately. And I am frustrated with it, and I am over it.

I don’t like to fight or get nasty, but I am equally tired of being walked all over. It’s tiresome. As I said earlier, I try very hard to be the duck – not for anyone else’s benefit, but because I know my own health is in direct relation to my stress levels.

Some things you can’t let slide though. What some people might tag as little errors can have a BIG impact on someone’s life, which is my problem lately.

Standing up for yourself can make you seem combative, but sitting back and taking it makes you a doormat. Neither is ideal, but at the end of the damn day (is my frustration palpable yet?), I refuse to sit back and take it. I have been through a lot in recent years, paying quite a dear price for the errors or misdeeds of others. I am human. I can only take so much. If I make a mistake, I own it, and I deal with the consequences. But frankly, I am beyond tired of paying the consequences for other peoples mistakes (while they mainly get off scot-free, further adding insult to injury).

Done and over it it. I’m not trying to do any harm, but I’m not trying to take any shit either.

Motivation Monday – I can.

Want to know a secret? You can too! But you gotta BELIEVE that. You gotta tap into your abilities, and erase any doubts.

Not gonna be easy, nope. Not gonna be more than you can handle, nope. Real talk? You can do anything you set your mind to. Set your goals, believe in yourself, and go forth and crush them!

Go forth… and do!