Work It Out Wednesday – Fab Abs

Did you know that picking up your workout pace can streamline your midsection? In studies held at University of Virginia, women who added three 20-minute high intensity jogs or walks to their weekly walking routine lost an average of 2 inches from their waist over 4 months, as opposed to those who stuck with less intense strolls and lost just half an inch.

With the fall weather approaching quickly (prime running/jogging/walking weather, in my humble opinion), try stepping it up to get your abs to where you would like them to be! Stepping up your sessions may also release more growth hormones, which, of course, help your body burn fat FASTER.

Go get those abs! 🙂

want fab abs

Tip Tuesday – Keep The Weight Off Long Term

keep the weight off long term

Ever happen to you? You finally achieve your weight loss goal, and then boom, it’s like you blink and the weight is right back on.

It’s a battle, a tough one, but manageable with a little extra effort!

Above all else, be gentle with yourself! It’s not easy, and it never will be, but getting down on yourself and throwing in the towel is no solution. Keep your head up, and keep doing the best you can.

Monday Motivation – Your Brain

Good morning everyone! Thought I’d throw in a little recently gleamed knowledge from a friend who recently attended a seminar, to further motivate us to continue to kick ass…Amongst the speakers at this seminar was Dr. Daniel Amen – one of the world’s BEST on brain health.

She shared that his message is the Dinosaur Theory; did you know that they’ve done massive amounts of studies that determined that the heavier you are, the smaller in size your brain gets? If your BMI is 30 or higher, your brain is 8% smaller in size which means it functions as if it was 16 years OLDER than someone with a healthy BMI. S I X T E E N years! Those statistics are JAW dropping! It has nothing to do with brain intelligence, and everything to do with brain HEALTH.

But the good news? It is reversible at any age through a number of key steps, including a diet filled with a slew of herbs and superfoods (every single one of which is found in Shakeology!)
So tell me… what are you gonna do today to not only get in shape, but PROTECT your BRAIN?