Feel Good Friday – Group Hug


Do you agree?

I feel like there is so much discord in the world these days, we all need a group hug, to accept each other as the diverse, different creatures we are and to love each other unconditionally!

I know, sometimes it seems like a pipe dream… but I don’t see why it is so hard!

Tip Tuesday – Post-Vacay Life Reassessment

Obviously, we would all rather be on vacation, or much more frequently than we are. And even if you love your job, coming off a vacation-high and going back to work can be draining, and make you long for the days you were only concerned about mai tai’s and the lazy river.

But if you find yourself TRULY depressed, or upset to be back home, it might be time to reassess life and see if you might need to make some changes. After all, a proper vacation should make you appreciate your life more, not depress you and make you even more down about your life.

Post vacation is a great time to gauge how things make you feel and decide if you shouldn’t bite the bullet. After all, your end goal is to create a life you don’t need a vacation from!

Work It Out Wednesday – Fab Abs

Did you know that picking up your workout pace can streamline your midsection? In studies held at University of Virginia, women who added three 20-minute high intensity jogs or walks to their weekly walking routine lost an average of 2 inches from their waist over 4 months, as opposed to those who stuck with less intense strolls and lost just half an inch.

With the fall weather approaching quickly (prime running/jogging/walking weather, in my humble opinion), try stepping it up to get your abs to where you would like them to be! Stepping up your sessions may also release more growth hormones, which, of course, help your body burn fat FASTER.

Go get those abs! 🙂

want fab abs

Motivation Monday – 10 to Zen

Okay, I confess…. things have been nuts lately and my mindframe is not as focused as I would like it to be. Truthfully, while pre-engagement and during wedding planning I usually felt sharp as a tack, apparently due to the craziness of the time leading up to the wedding, my brain has entered “screw you, stop making me think!” mode, and I have never yet fully recovered from the wedding.

I know, lame… but I am doing what I can to recuperate and get my brain back to being sharp. It drives me crazy but it is what it is… baby steps I guess!

10 to Zen

Some solid advice here… obviously my favorite is the last one, because I firmly believe belly laughs are the best medicine, and no one should go a day without finding themselves in a belly laugh at least once.

I know that letting go is easier said than done, but the payoff is quite worth it, I would say. I still struggle with letting things go, but because I realize I am only hurting myself and my happiness, I am making a concentrated effort to be better at this. Holding things in is never the answer. Deal with them the way you must, but move forward, leaving any negative feelings behind.

Give it a try and let me know how you make out! 🙂

Try It Thursday – Less and More

Quite a concept huh? Can you imagine how awesome this world would be if we all channeled our energy and focus into the good things, helping others, and uplifting the world, instead of constantly focusing on negativity?

Want to know a secret? It’s easier than we think.

Give it a try. Let your positivity be the light the guides you to focusing more on the good, and less on the bad.