Mindset Monday – Better an oops…

First Monday of the new year! Let’s talk M I N D S E T.

I stand by this opinion with every fiber of my being. I get it, taking risks, being vulnerable, failing… all of them are scary. No one WANTS such things to happen… but that is life. An oops means you at least tried, you know one way or another. How can failing forward possibly be worse than never trying at all?


Truthbomb Tuesday – Comfort Zones

EVERYONE has a comfort zone. And EVERYONE has the ability to step outside of it! I have stepped out of my own comfort zone more times in 2016 than I can count, and I’m no special occurrence – ANYONE can step outside of their comfort zone, it’s not just exclusive to me!

I’m human. I have fears just like anyone else. I also know that MY life is MINE to live, and NO ONE can do it for me. So I choose to step outside of the comfort zone.
I do it on my own terms, because that’s what your life should be about – your own terms!
If you can find it within you to be brave, be bold, and set foot outside of the comfort zone, exciting things will happen…

Motivation Monday – Tell your story

worst story ever told

This blog has allowed me to share bits and pieces of my story in a controlled, mostly anonymous manner. You see, my story is very personal to me, and sharing it with people I don’t know puts me in a vulnerable position – one I am still working to be comfortable with.

I learned from experience recently that some people will take your story, your courage to share it, and throw it back in your face, and leave you reeling. Not fun, but also no reason not to share it, because by not sharing it, you are potentially keeping it from someone who needed to hear your story in order to find the courage to share theirs. Your bravery might be the chain reaction needed to spark their own bravery.

But as I learned, sometimes communicating past my trusted circle is scary, and so I sometimes hold back. It’s sort of a way of protecting myself and my very sensitive sensibilities, if you will. But in trying to protect myself and my story so much, I wasn’t sharing it.

My story matters, so it needs to be told! I embrace this, and I am open to this. Because the worst story? It’s the one that is never told.