Feel Good Friday – Look Up

I am working on this myself… as an emotional empath, I tend to either be really up, or really down, there is no real in between for me.

And when you toss in things like the Mercury being in retrograde, and the intensely negative world we live in, shit gets real, fast.

I am a work in progress, but I am slowly (very slowly…) learning that attitude really does determine your altitude, and even though things may suck at the moment, you can still choose to remain positive about things. Because, spoiler alert – it WILL pass!

Wednesday Wisdom – Be A Carrier

The world needs more positivity, good attitudes, and upbeat individuals who don’t get sucked into the Vortex of negativity. I mean, I think that much is obvious, no?

be a carrier

I know, it’s hard to block it out when its omnipresent lately, and it totally can, and does, affect your mood, your emotions… but you do what you can to stay positive, to stay upbeat and have a good attitude. We need to spread more of THAT.

Spread the love, the light, the positivity… all of these things make a better world. Be contagious.

Motivation Monday – How High Do You Want To Grow?

Heard this a while ago and it stayed with me since – I love this concept! Very true – your attitude DOES determine your altitude!

how high do you want to grow

No matter what happens, no matter what obstacles you face or challenges you overcome – stay positive about it and accept that its part of your growth. It’s the challenges and the obstacles and the ‘can I really do this?’ moments that make it the most worthwhile – its these moments that make finally succeeding even sweeter!

So what will your attitude be? How high will you grow?

Thursday Thoughts – Luck

Okay so…. I have derided my luck my whole life. It hasn’t been stellar, like at all. But I don’t think I was always as conscious that I play such a big role in whether I have luck or not. It was really one of those epiphany type things that comes with getting a little older (by “older” in this instance, I really mean being removed from the crazy, debilitating chaos of my 20’s).

This formula was a quote in one of my Darren Daily subscriptions. I don’t know where it originated, or if he is the originator or not, but it resonated with me in a really profound way. So I thought I would share, since maybe someone else out there can benefit from this, instead of constantly cursing their “bad” luck. Maybe changing their mindset will change everything.

Worth a shot, no? Happy Thursday guys…. make it great!