Sunday Shakeology – Sweet Almond Sunrise

Where are my almond lovers? I love almonds… raw, toasted, milked…. I like their taste and their texture too.

Makes a great addition to your Shakeology, too!

You can also use real almonds in place of the extract but your shake will still have bits and pieces texturally, unless you have one of those really awesome blenders. Or, place them in the food processor first and blitz away!

Who’s all about Almonds?!



Sunday Shakeology – Snowstorm

Is it snowing where you are? How do you feel about snow? I go off and on with it… sometimes I love it, but sometimes it comes too much too fast and I’m just like STOP! Pump the brakes! 🙂

I never get tired of a Snowstorm in Shakeology form, though! 🙂



I should confess – you could probably add real rum but… that might negate some of the health benefits found here… use your judgment 🙂