Financial Freedom Friday

Uh yes, this WILL be my husband and I once we achieve financial freedom. Often! 🙂

I have been transparent about my debt – personal, and student loan debt. It has crippled me for a long time – in fact, I have never had a debt free day in my adult life. I have had days where I had no credit card debt, but I had 5 figures in student loans.

Sometimes, I feel like I will never get out from under my debt. Other times, I let chasing that feeling of FREEDOM fuel me, and I find it in me to keep going, because there is literally nothing I want more than to experience a day without debt, of ANY kind.

The thing here is, it takes time to build a business, and to that effect, it also takes a little money, too. But I will be debt free someday, soon. I WILL know the feeling of knowing I am no longer paying interest on debt, or maintenance fees, or any of those other infuriating nickel and dime charges that show up monthly.

You know why, and how I know? Because it’s all up to me, and I have yet to let myself down. I falter, I get frustrated, and I fail… but I pull up my bootstraps and keep going.

Because there is a thing called FINANCIAL FREEDOM, and I intend to experience it. And so I am grateful to Beachbody for giving me the platform with which to do so.

You might have your challenges, your frustrating moments, but you gotta power through them… there IS light at the end of the debt-tunnel!

Join me!

Thursday Thoughts – Soar Past the Status Quo

You have dreams. You have goals. You want to achieve more in life.

You aren’t average. You aren’t content with the status quo.
You want to help yourself, and by extension, help others.
You are a boss, working towards your OWN dream instead of working towards someone else’s.
Sound like you? If so, let’s chat!
I’m going places, and “status quo” is NOT on the itinerary! 🙂
Do YOU have the courage?
courage - kara

Motivation Monday – Study Successful People

In my business, I am surrounded by people who have achieved various levels of success within Beachbody, and it’s radical. The stories they tell of overcoming so many hardships to achieve this success bolsters my belief that despite my OWN hardships (plentiful!), especially lately, I can still achieve the success I want to.

It’s hard to believe that sometimes, honestly. A hit or two won’t usually derail me, but in full disclosure, when they keep coming as rapidly as they have lately, even I start to doubt myself. But that’s part of the problem!

I need to stop focusing on what’s gone wrong lately and get back to appreciating what’s gone right, and keep focusing on my journey. I let myself get distracted by other stuff, and other people, and for an empath who absorbs all of the feelings, that’s bad, and it took a toll on my esteem, confidence, morale… everything!

Study successful people

So for right now (and maybe permanently, hopefully) I am focusing less on those who don’t add much, or anything to my life, and going back to eagerly studying those who are making it work, until I get it into my head that I, too, can make this work, despite any obstacles.

If you are also feeling like you are forgetting the bigger picture, dial it back in, and get back to focusing on those goals you want to crush and dreams you want to achieve. It’s never too late to course correct!

Thursday Thoughts – New Year

Happy New Years Eve, everyone!

It’s actually been quite a year for me… in addition to growing all 3 of my businesses (in addition to my full time job), I also planned (and created 90% of the things used in) my wedding, got married, and my husband I bought our first home!

The year has not been without it’s challenging moments, but thats part of life; its part of balance. It’s what makes me appreciate the awesome times even more!

I am excited to begin a new year – my focus will be on moving and settling into our home at first, but then I am super excited to continue to grow my businesses, plus I am looking to go back to school and get Certified in Diabetes Management and Nutrition.

I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of you; without knowing it, you guys helped carry me through when I thought it pointless to continue a blog – after all who was gonna listen to me and find value in anything I post? But people did, and it felt amazing, and it strengthened my resolve to continue educating myself, and sharing my journey – if there is even a tiny chance someone can relate, its worth it to be 100% transparent about my struggles and triumphs!

I hope you all had a happy year, I hope you all have a safe, happy New Years Eve celebration, and I hope you all will join me for what is shaping up to be a kickass 2016.

Happy New Year!