Motivation Monday – Chances of Success

No matter what anyone says, your success is tied to your efforts. I know, I sometimes wanna call BS on this too, but nope, it’s true…

Your effort indicates how bad you want something, how many times you are willing to fail and fail again, and it also shows how willing you are to WORK for what you want, instead of having it handed to you (probably easier, yes, but definitely not nearly as meaningful, in my opinion!)

If you aren’t willing to make 100% effort, then, in all honesty, it doesn’t give the impression you really want something. Go on, go give it your all, and let me know how it works out for you!


Motivation Monday – Famous Hard Of Hearing People

Helen Keller. Thomas Edison. Ludwig van Beethoven. Lou Ferrigno. Juliette Low.
All of these names are well known, because each of these people did AMAZING things. The most amazing of all might be that they all OVERCAME hearing impairments in pursuit of their goals and accomplishments!
I will confess, at a younger age, I thought my own personal hearing loss was a dead end for many things. I didn’t know technology was going to make so many things so much easier, and I didn’t realize that one could still be successful despite the loss of a major sense. The age I lost my hearing is a critical time for self development, and I will confess my sudden hearing loss left me mentally and emotionally crippled for some time.
But that was way back then… this is now!
Someday, I see my OWN name associated with success despite hearing loss. I KNOW I can do anything I want. I know I can achieve anything I set my mind to. I know I will face OBSTACLES, but those are simply my OPPORTUNITIES – to rise, to shine, to overcome… to find a workaround!
I know my hearing loss can’t stop me. If anything, I vow to let it propel me.
Obstacles into opportunities!

Financial Freedom Friday

Uh yes, this WILL be my husband and I once we achieve financial freedom. Often! 🙂

I have been transparent about my debt – personal, and student loan debt. It has crippled me for a long time – in fact, I have never had a debt free day in my adult life. I have had days where I had no credit card debt, but I had 5 figures in student loans.

Sometimes, I feel like I will never get out from under my debt. Other times, I let chasing that feeling of FREEDOM fuel me, and I find it in me to keep going, because there is literally nothing I want more than to experience a day without debt, of ANY kind.

The thing here is, it takes time to build a business, and to that effect, it also takes a little money, too. But I will be debt free someday, soon. I WILL know the feeling of knowing I am no longer paying interest on debt, or maintenance fees, or any of those other infuriating nickel and dime charges that show up monthly.

You know why, and how I know? Because it’s all up to me, and I have yet to let myself down. I falter, I get frustrated, and I fail… but I pull up my bootstraps and keep going.

Because there is a thing called FINANCIAL FREEDOM, and I intend to experience it. And so I am grateful to Beachbody for giving me the platform with which to do so.

You might have your challenges, your frustrating moments, but you gotta power through them… there IS light at the end of the debt-tunnel!

Join me!

Motivation Monday – 2017 is your year!

How are you faring with your goals for the year so far? Are you working towards them, or procrastinating, hoping they will magically become reality?

I believe in you. I believe this is your year. I also believe its my year, because I know I am doing what I need to do to achieve the goals I set for this year.

But back to you… you can do this. Don’t get overwhelmed, don’t panic. Break your goals down into manageable chunks, and start chipping away at them. You will catch momentum, and the high of achieving things you set out to do will carry you through even the most terrifying of tasks.

You deserve to achieve what you dream of, what fuels you, what ignites the light inside of you. You can do it, you just have to put your head down and get to it. So go forth, and crush those goals. Your dreams are waiting!



Motivation Monday – Every Accomplishment

It’s Monday! Let’s see what we can conjure up for motivation, shall we?

You are powerful. You are limitless. You can do anything you desire — no matter how far-fetched it may seem — at any time.

But until you try, you will get nowhere. Decide to try, fully commit to it, decide that you won’t quit but rather, fail forward until you achieve it, and guess what will be waiting at the end?


Go ahead, get started. You can do it!


Motivation Monday – Discipline

This is really, really true. We all have goals. We all have dreams. We all have measures of success we wish to achieve. Not everyone achieves it. You know why? Lack of discipline. The people who make excuses for not working out, or eat poorly on a regular basis, or spend copious hours on couches – those people don’t achieve their dreams. They don’t reach their goals.

If you want it, you have to commit and see yourself through it. Nobody can do it for you. It falls to you. But you want to know a secret? IF you REALLY want something, you will stop at nothing to achieve it. You have the power to achieve, you just have to BELIEVE, and then WORK for it.

So like Autumn says – how bad do you want it?!